Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back by popular demand.......

I know you have been wondering where I've been and what I've been doing. The curiosity has been killing you, I realize this.
(ok, so it was only 2 people who requested I blog again, lol)

Hmm what's new with me? I have only blogged once since Christmas and that was about Spam. exciting stuff right there!

The last thing I talked about was my step daughter wanting to live with us. That took some horrible wrong turns and was a huge roller-coaster ride for my family. We just wanted what was best for her.....her mother pulled some tricks and has forever damaged the parenting bond her and The Husband had. They had never had a 'fight' over the kids before. It was great to have it happen over the holidays. This past weekend the other step daughter said she wanted to live with us one week and her mom the other. We aren't even telling her mom about it. These girls can't go back and forth and need to realize what they are saying. People get hurt over what is just simple words.

Enough of that. I've lost 8lbs. Yay me, right? It only took me 1 yr. lol The wii fit has a graph that I decided to look at last week. I went back to last January and saw the loss. I was very happy. So happy I ate McDonalds that night! Seriously though, I'm not even trying to lose weight now. I dont exercise but I have cut back on my soda. I used to drink 2 per day and now I only drink 1. I think it helps that I'm not sitting at a desk all day snacking away. I did that a lot when I was working.

Speaking of.......I am very hopeful that I will get a job soon. We will talk more about that later though. I know you can't handle too much of my words after not having them for a month.