Saturday, January 31, 2009

I lost 2 lbs!!!

(that was me jumping up and down)

I have been counting calories and exercising since Jan 1 but hadn't lost any weight. I was becoming VERY frustrated. Like almost ready to cry, frustrated. This week I got on the treadmill I normally don't weigh-in until Sunday but I was curious while cleaning so I took a peek and got a great surprise!!

This is my first time 'dieting/exercising/whatever' in my whole life. I had no idea it was so hard to lose weight. I have a new appreciation for people trying to lose.

Now 8 more to go and I will be super happy!

Friday, January 30, 2009

The superbowl is Sunday!!

I don't watch it but just thought I would remind everyone else. I don't think its been very publicized this year or maybe I just blocked it out? Is there anyone else who does NOT watch it? The Husband may have it on but I block that out too. I did try to watch some football this year. See, I'm a good wife! I do think Romo is cute......oh yeah The Husband likes the Cowboys. Some of those tackles or whatever could kill a person. holy moly! Break a neck or back or leg or something. I even did a college football fantasy thing so that The Husband and I could have something to do together. I rocked at first. I was 1st place for weeks and then it all went downhill and I lost interest. Sometimes I think I have ADD/ADHD (seriously) but I know its just issues from being spoiled as a child. Acceptance is the first step.

Sooooo, yeah, anyone watching the Superbowl? lol

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Interesting Food Info

I found this info on a message board that I frequent and thought it was worth passing along. Since I have been counting calories I have been amazed at how many calories are in some things.

Let's take a look.......

1/2 cup of Haagen-Dazs chocolate peanut butter ice cream has the same amount of fat as a McDonald's double cheeseburger.

1 package of Maxed out Turkey and Cheddar combo lunchables has the calorie equivalent of 15 chicken McNuggets.

1 Toll House ice cream chocolate chip cookie sandwich has the calorie equivalent of two slices of hand-tossed pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut.

Marie Callender's creamy parmesan pot pie. First of all, they have the audacity to claim that the pie is two servings. That said, one pie has:
-the sodium equivalent of 8 small bags of potato chips
-the fat equivalent of 23 strips of bacon
-the calorie equivalent of 7 taco bell fresco beef tacos

A Twix candy bar has the same amount of saturated fat as 11 strips of bacon.

1 cup of Pasta Roni Alfredo has the same amount of sodium as 4 orders of French Fries at McDonald's.

Kraft organic mac and cheese is not better than the non-organic kind.

The cheese on Celeste pizza is not cheese. It is made of water and soybean oil.

A 16 ounce Sunny D has the sugar equivalent of 8 Eggo Choco-Nilla Flip Flop waffles (60 grams).

Arbys Melt has 303 cal 12 g fat vs the Roasted turkey and Swiss sandwich 708 cal 30g fat(you would think it would be the opposite)

Eat the Whopper Jr with onion rings 430cal 19g fat
Don't eat Cheeseburger with fries 560cal 29g fat

All of this and more can be found at

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kelley Needs.....

Got this from Jen! It looked like fun so I thought I would give it a try.
Go to, type in your name and write needs after it....for example, Kelley needs and click search. Then take the top 10 and list them. Comment after each one!

1. Kelley needs you to hold on.
I do live in my own little world with my own little timeline, so yeah.

2. Kelley needs your help.
I'm not sure with what but ok I will take some help. Maybe I get my own wife to clean and cook etc?

3. Kelley needs support.
Hmmm this is starting to freak me out a little. Does google know something I don't?

4. Kelley needs socialization.
haha, this is too funny. I think I have enough socialization thankyouverymuch.

5. Kelley needs to distance herself.
What? I thought I needed to socialize.

6. Kelley needs to change if she wants to succeed.
wow, harsh!

7. Kelley needs to gain weight.
Actually, I have been exercising and counting calories since Jan 1st. This must be for another Kelley.

8. Kelley needs information on her great-great grandmother.
This is true. I don't even know what her name was. I'm bad at the family history thing.

9. Kelley needs to improve her game.
Are they talking soccer? If so, I already said my team rocks. There will be one thing I will change this week though.

10. Kelley needs to keep the drama going on America's election HQ.
I am not really a political person so I will skip this one.

This wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. Basically google told me I have some serious issues. lol

Saturday, January 24, 2009

We won, We won!!!

(that was me yelling, btw)
My team won 11-1. So we not only won but we slaughtered them. 10 of those goals were made by one little girl but who cares, we won!!! The kids were very excited and I was really happy too!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Curves Bar

Just a recommendation-

Curves Apple Streusel bars are very good! It's one of the 100 calorie snacks. I picked a box up at a discount store in my area and now I may need to go stock up. It also says one bar has 20% daily value of fiber, if that matters to you.

Soccer Talk

I haven't mentioned soccer since I talked of Team Assignments.

Well the initial day Team Assignments didn't happen because they needed one more coach. We had 3 coaches so we split the girls up evenly and practiced different drills. We were told that Team Assignments would be the next Saturday. This was last weekend, we did the same thing of splitting the girls up except now we had 4 coaches. We practiced for an hour and then the Recreation guy came in to give us our team shirts and the list of children on our team. We were also given schedules. SURPRISE! No more practices.

So now I have 8 girls on my team and I don't even know their names or which position they will be best at. I will figure it out along the way but there is only 6 games. lol By the time I get the names down the season will be over.

I asked Madison this morning what position she would like to start out with tomorrow. (This is one of the perks of being the coach's daughter) Her response was Sit Out. She joined soccer to sit out? oh my, this child! She later said she would like to be defense so at least I have one player under control.

I am pretty excited about it though. Oh and our Team Shirts are green. I look good in green so that's a plus.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Every now and then I get goofy and surprise The Husband with a fake tattoo. I don't have any real tattoo's but Ive often thought about getting one. Our kids get fake tattoo sheets from various parties or wherever. The kids aren't really interested in them and since I am frugal I cant just throw them away, so I started collecting the sheets. Every now and then after I take a shower I will put on a tattoo in a somewhat revealing place. The Husband thinks I'm a weirdo and just laughs at me.

Fast Forward.......

Tuesday night I took a shower late and applied a diamond tattoo on my lower stomach. The Husband just laughed and shook his head. Wednesday when I get home from work I go to the bathroom and as we all know......once you become a mom you cant pee alone. It's just a rule. So M notices the tattoo and asks me when I did that and don't I know they are for kids. Um, yeah, honey I do know they are for kids.

Next week we will be installing a stripper pole in our basement.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Exciting Day

Lots of good things happen today!

I am in love with LOST. I never miss an episode and I have all the seasons on DVD. Tonight is the season premiere. YAY!!

I am also obsessed with the Caylee Anthony case. That sweet little girl has the attention of America but for all the wrong reasons. I just cant see how anyone could hurt that precious face. Anyway, they are releasing 311 pages of documents today regarding her case. This usually occupies most of my day. Casey Anthony is scum and I wish she had given her daughter to me. That child didn't have a chance living with that effed up family.
Can you tell that I am playing around with the features of adding pics and such? lol

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A little of this and a little of that.....

Brown makeup makes me look tired. I should just throw it away when I get home. Every time I wear it I get to work and think how tired it makes me look. I need some new makeup. I look good in purple but one cant wear purple every day of their lives. I do love the color though.

Dinner for tonight is done. I made it in the crockpot yesterday. We will be having Peking Pork chops. I also made homemade blueberry muffins last night and they are a little too good. I would have thought they were less in calories but oh well, now I know.

I did the 30 day shred level 2 last night and my calves are sore today. Its always my calves.....I am going to have humongous calves by the time I lose 10 lbs. Who knew it was so much work to lose just 10lbs by the way. I certainly didn't.

I have to go get my oil changed after work. I was supposed to do this yesterday but our hour long blizzard messed that up. (There is no snow on the ground today) The weather man and I are really not working together very well. I will save my rantings for another post though. I know you guys love to hear my weather woes.

Is blogger acting all wonky (I love that word) for anyone else? When I go to the dashboard it tells me that I am not following any blogs. I hit refresh and they come back. I have noticed that I've missed a few posts on peoples blogs this past week. Odd!

I am bored at work.

I feel fat today.

My Bachelor Review

Any Bachelor fans out there? I don't normally watch the show but I have been this season. Some of these girls are CA-RA-ZY. I cant stand Stalker Shannon. Oh my that girl is a nut. He has to be keeping her strictly for entertainment purposes. Surely you wouldn't want her to be a step-mom to your son. Then there is Stephanie (her husband died) I really didn't like her at all and just thought she was weird. I don't think shes attractive or sweet. Last night showed a whole other side of her with her daughter. It made me ease up on her a little bit.

I just cant imagine being in that house. Girls are typically catty anyway and then to have 20ish girls competing for one guy. yikes!

My pick is Melissa, the former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. She is just sassy and cute. She seems very down to earth.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Funday

I didn't even leave the house today. I cleaned most of the wiping baseboards kind of cleaning. Changed the sheets, went through M's room and got rid of a bunch of stuff she doesn't play with anymore. Going through her stuff is like a love/hate thing. I love getting rid of stuff but I hate getting rid of things that didn't get played with very much.

I made Italian Chicken and Potatoes for dinner. yum!

I learned that I need to eat more to actually lose weight. Still sounds funny but I will give it a try.

I exercised for an hour.

M and I watched TLC for half the day.

I have the urge to get a Valentine's Day background for my blog but I am trying to resist.

Remember how I said that I love to shop alone? Tomorrow I get my wish! I will drop M off at school and head straight to Target. I also plan on browsing Ross and a few other stores. I do have to go grocery shopping so it wont all be fun but that's ok. It feels like Christmas again! :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Midnight Painting

Do you ever want to just paint a room or something? Maybe I have been reading too many decorating/crafty blogs. We haven't been home all day (got home about 6pm) but since we have.... I have completely cleaned and organized the guest room and thought hmmm I wish I had paint. We bought our house 1 1/2 years ago and I love the colors in it. We only painted one room and that was M's. Her room is P-I-N-K. And I do mean pink. All of her furniture is white so it doesn't look bad.

See? Excuse the bookshelf mess. Her goal in life is to see how much junk she can fit on that and her desk. Drives me batty. I am a bit OCD though.

Ok, so, this was a pointless post but at least you saw the color of my child's room and I relieved a little boredom. I don't have any paint so there really wont be any midnight painting but if I did....

Friday, January 16, 2009

woohoo, I won!

Here are the rules...

The rules for the Honest Scrap award - The honorees are to:

A) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting,
even if you have to dig deep!
B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit
of the Honest Scrap.
Simple. Or not.
Ok, here goes:

1. I have never flown but I want to soon.

2. I didnt like my step daughters in the beginning (never treated them badly) but now I miss them when they go home and wish they lived with us full time.

3. I love makeup and dressing pretty.

4. I like to shop alone and be in my own little world. Its pure bliss. Years ago I couldn't imagine doing anything alone and now I treasure it.

5. I get stressed out very easily and have to consistently push the negative thoughts out of my head.

6. I am addicted to the Internet.

7. I love chapstick. I have several different kinds open right now. One on my desk, in the car, on the end table at home, vanity in the bathroom and my purse.

8. I'm a hypochondriac. Something is always wrong with me, lol.

9. I believe in people too much. Some of the things that I read about that goes on in the world just shocks me. I am very naive.

10. I don't do death at all. I cant stand the thought of people dying.

I am passing this on to:


The joys of raising boys

Southern Seven

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Another Online Mom

A better me

I meant snow!

remember when I asked was winter cancelled? Apparently I need to be a little clearer with my request. I meant snow, not frigid air. It's 3 degrees and we are under a wind chill advisory. That's not alot of fun. It doesn't cancel school or work and its not pretty either.

Weather Gods,
Please send S-N-O-W.
your frozen friend

(you know I will complain about the snow if we get alot, lol)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

They start early these days.....

My daughter is 7 yrs old but she thinks that she is 17 yrs old. This is a problem sometimes. Lately she has been having a teenish attitude and it was just draining me. I hate fighting with her. Last week I made up a chore chart that included her regular chores plus things like use manners and no attitude. It was a great week and I was so impressed that my idea worked. Piece of cake. Life got busy, I got lazy and didn't make up this weeks chart. Its a printable from online and I printed it out but never filled in her 'chores'. Big mistake, apparently. From the time I picked her up yesterday she was pushing my buttons left and right.

(2 seconds in the car from after-school pickup)
M: my foot hurts, I'm going to take off my sock
Mom: No, don't do that we will be home in a little bit (live 5 mins away)
*we drive 100 feet*
M: OK, its been a little bit now
OMG, with the literal.
M: it's only 3:53 and you don't pick me up until 4pm
Mom: I pick you up as soon as I get off work, there is not set time
M: well cant you go to the library or something
Mom: would you prefer that I leave you at daycare from the time they open until the time they close?
M: No.
I begin to realize that the night is not going to be pleasant.

I could continue on because this attitude of hers lasted an hour but I will spare you because some of you have little kids so I don't want to scare you. lol We were supposed to participate in a school fundraiser tonight but that was taken away. There was tears, she wrote me a note with "I am sorry" written 15 times, I started to feel like I over reacted and got mommy guilt (hate that!), and then she begged to go to the fundraiser and I told her I would think about my decision. This morning I told her that we were not going and that she needs to think about what she is saying before she says it so that we can avoid this attitude stuff. Not the answer she wanted to hear. She thought it would be best to not talk to me for the rest of the morning. I realized that I made the right decision regarding not going.

I hope she is just getting this out of her system before shes a teen. If not, there will be fun times ahead. I will need a massive amount of Xanax or alcohol or morphine or a vacation that lasts a couple years. Something.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bargain High

I love getting stuff for free or for very cheap. It gives me such a bargain high. My latest find was Christmas wrapping paper for .30 a roll. I got 4 rolls, even though I already bought some at Target after Christmas PLUS I still had some leftover from this year. I just couldnt resist. So if you have a Rite-Aid near you, they have wrapping paper 90% off. Mine had tons left.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eating Pudding...

with a fork does not work very well. If I weren't at work I would be tempted to stick my tongue in the cup to try to get out what is left in the bottom. Of course if I weren't at work than I would be at home, eating my pudding. We have spoons at my house so this topic wouldn't exist. Yet another reason why I shouldn't work.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

80's Flashback

Earlier I wanted to light a candle and I couldnt find the lighter. I looked in the bathroom and saw my makeup.......this made me have a flashback to lighting your eyeliner. I guess the darker the better? The funny things you do for beauty. Thanks goodness that trend passed.

Friday, January 09, 2009

PMS Food and Calorie Counter

which would you like to hear about first?
Of course, the PMS food.

Chex Mix Turtle Bars are soooo good! They have chocolate, caramel and pretzels. Everything you need all in one cute little bar.

And the Calorie Counter because now that you want the Turtle Bar, which by the way is only 140 calories per bar, you may need to keep track of how many calories you ate after the box is gone. Go to the daily plate and you can add your exercise for the day and everything you eat and drink. I tried another calorie counting website before *cough*sparkpeople*cough* and they didnt have any food that I ate in their database. I am far to lazy to enter my own food into their database so I quit using it. I have not had to substitute anything with the new website. Its all in there. So either they have everything or its just a community of people who are weird/picky eaters like me.

Chocolate and Calories, what a post.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

My fave songs right now are:

If I were a Boy

Bartender Song

All summer long

Who knew....

that hard candy had calories in it? Probably everyone except me. Seriously I had no idea. I quit smoking 8 months ago and have been sucking on spearamint candy every day after I eat lunch. Its just become a habit. Im not even sure what made me look at the bag when I got out my daily mint. lol I am learning so much about this calorie/weight loss thing. As a former way-too-skinny-girl, this is all so new to me. Damn age slowing down my metabolism.

I have a personal trainer!

How lucky am I? She is gorgeous, thin and very peppy. I have been counting calories and exercising since the New Year and it's going very well. After reading about the 30 day Shred exercise video on a message board that I post on I decided to give it a try. Someone posted links to it on youtube. I really enjoyed it until my Personal Trainer decided to tell me I was doing the moves the wrong way. It is much easier for a 7 yr old to do bicycle crunches than an adult. She thought the squats could be turned into a new dance. I got hit while extending my arms on the floor. It was fun but I think I may have to fire her.
If you are looking for a good exercise video than I would recommend the 30 day shred. I enjoyed it and my inner thighs burn today. Thats a good thing, I guess.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

See My Avatar/Profile Pic?

that picture cracks me up. It was taken in NC last year while on vacation. We were climbing these sand dunes that are 'famous' to the area. So we took our kite, struggled to walk up the hill, in the sand and finally got to a point to let the kite fly. Oh it was so pretty, Madison loved it and we were just having a great time as we continued on through the sand. A glance off to the left revealed a black sky. We decided to start back down the hill. We didnt get very far at all before it was POURING rain. Seriously, I have never seen a storm approach that fast. We were totally soaked by the time we go back to the car AND the parking lot was flooded. It rained so much!

Just a random thought while looking at my profile pic and thinking what a beautiful day at the beach it was.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Delayment (we will pretend that's a word)

Due to the potential for bad weather this evening the Team Assignments have been rescheduled until Saturday. Grand! Now I have even more time to build up more anxiety. I have been assigned an assistant coach (I asked) let's all hope that runs smoothly!

Coaching Kids

is sure to provide some entertainment to this blog.
A little background:
My dd played fall soccer and loved it but her coach was not very good, in our eyes. Winter indoor soccer came and they had no coaches (how sad, huh?) so I volunteered to assistant coach with a lady who couldn't make it to every game. Indoor soccer is all girls and I really enjoyed it. I learned alot from the lady I was helping and got to know alot of people since she was a 'known soccer mom' and on our school board. Then comes outdoor co-ed spring soccer. This was not fun. I signed up to coach because I enjoyed the winter so much, even when coaching alone. I had 15 kids and 10 of them didn't listen. One boy told me he knew where a dead chicken was when I made him sit out for being bad (huh, dead chicken?). This boy got thrown out of the game for fighting, walked off the field all the time and was just my problem child. The Husband actually stepped in and coached on field. He was a lifesaver! Season is over and we say we will never coach again. Oh and remember the coach my dd had the 1st time? Now I understand why she always looked so frazzled. I really understand. The daughter did not want to play fall soccer (traumatized?) and I really missed it. Fast forward to winter indoor soccer for this year and I signed up to coach. I must be crazy. The husband has warned me that he will not be helping me with this season at all. I am hoping that I get an assistant. Tonight is Team Assignment's and I am really nervous. Its all girls again so it should be ok, right? Surely there is no reason to be scared of a bunch of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade girls.
Oh and the moral of the story is....dont ever judge someone (the 1st coach) until you have walked in their shoes.

No extra sleep for me

I had big plans on sleeping in today. We were supposed to get an ice storm from 6am today until 9am tomorrow. ha! We got rain. I was very disappointed to have to get out of my jammies this morning. School is on a 2hr work should follow the school's rules. Yes, I am lazy.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday Chores

Tasks for Monday, January 05th 2009

Monday's tasks are washing laundry and changing your bed linen and bathroom towels. When you do laundry make sure to wipe down the washer and dryer when you are finished with the day's washing.

Today's monthly task is to wipe down all your kitchen chairs. Make sure you get the legs of the chairs.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Day Two

is going very well also. Dont worry I am not going to continue counting each day. lol
So far today I have:
cleaned and re-filled the spice jars.
Made 60 pancakes (dont worry I only ate 3, the rest are to go in the freezer)
Browned 5lbs of ground beef (freezer also)
Started making stuffed shells....messed up a step so now we will have spaghetti for dinner.
Swept the downstairs
Mopped the kitchen
Stayed on track with my calories
burned 102 calories on the treamdill (we wont talk about how long this took, lets focus on the positive here)
got everything ready to go back to work and school tomorrow (xmas break ends)
Made spaghetti and garlic bread

It's now 6pm and I am going to relax the rest of the evening and watch Desperate Housewives later.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Was Winter cancelled?

You would think we would have snow by now but we havent. Not a dusting of snow or a drop of ice. Last year we got alot of ice. I could do without both but I just realized that its January and we havent even had a winter yet.
Watch, we will have a blizzard next week.

Day One

It officially started today. I was beginning to think that Day One would be in 2010
This morning I exercised and it almost killed me. Like laying on the floor, panting exercise. Oh my! In my defense we have hardwood floors throughout our house and they stay cool and I was HOT! lol I did the full body exercise on Outdoor Challenege and then I did the Endurance Exercises. The Endurance was a bit too much so now I know not to rush into that area. I will stick with the beginning stages.

I meal planned and grocery shopped today. We stocked up on some extra food to put in our new freezer.

We also went to my brother's surprise birthday party. I was a little worried about all the food but as of 10:30 tonight I am still way under calorie for the day. I even ate cake!

I feel really good today. Now if I can just get around to actually writing/typing my resolutions/goals before 2010........

Friday, January 02, 2009

January Chores

Tasks for Friday, January 02nd 2009

Friday's tasks are laundry and mopping. Take care of any laundry. Don't forget to wipe off the washer and dryer when you're done. Fridays are also mopping day. Take care of any mopping that needs to be done.

Monthly Tasks
Today's monthly task is to clean out your automobile.

Decluttering/cleaning challenge for the month of January

January's decluttering challenge is in the master bedroom.

Below is a list of tasks to be finished in the month of January.
Clean out dressers and closets.
Get rid of outgrown and unused clothing.
Clean baseboards.
Wash window treatments.
Clean windows.
Flip mattresses.
Clean doors including door knobs, molding, and trim.
Spot clean walls of any marks, scuffs, or handprints.
Sweep ceilings for any dust or cobwebs.
Clean air vents.

You have the entire month to complete these tasks. You can do them in any order you would like as long as they are completed in the month of January.


I'm not very good at them. Until the past year I have been able to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. Even after I had my dd, I bounced right back into the same size I was beforehand and I had gained 50lbs during pregnancy. Now? Ha! I got married, got lazy and began to love food. What's not to love about Oreo Cakesters? I honestly did not know how hard it was for people to lose weight. I am going to give it an honest try but there will be much complaining and whining in my blog posts. Just warning you. I like food. I feel deprived if I cant eat whatever I want. I quit smoking almost a year ago and now I have to quit eating too. This being a grown up stuff sucks. blech.
I thought yesterday was going to be day one but then we went to the In-Laws and had oysters and fish......oh and a little pie for dessert. That was too much for me to try and remember to add to my online food list so I skipped it. So that made today Day One. I didnt have anything to bring for lunch today, due to going to the In-Laws for dinner and no leftovers, so I stopped and got a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit. They had a buy one get one deal so I did that, being the frugal girl I am. One for breakfast and one for lunch. Oh and a sweet tea. Uh yeah, thats alot of calories. I would have never guessed that one biscuit was almost 600 EFFIN calories. Oh my! Now I know. So its only lunch time and I am like 400 over my daily calorie intake.
Tomorrow may have to be Day One. *sigh*