Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken recipe

I've used this recipe for years so I kinda assumed everyone else knew about it too.
Sunday evening my mom and step-dad came over to pick up M (shes at their house until this evening) and stayed for dinner. It wasn't planned at all but we had plenty so it worked out. My mom has raved about the chicken to everyone who will listen and keeps mentioning it to me. A girl she works with wants the recipe so I looked it up online.....its so easy we don't even use a recipe now. Notice how I am saying WE now? I'm not big on playing with the whole chicken but The Husband doesn't mind. He is the official rub-er of the ordeal. He has even been known to act like its a puppet and make the kids roll laughing. Really though its so easy to throw it in, even frozen, and not worry about it for the rest of the day. Oh and cheap! A whole chicken is only like $3-$4.

Here it is:

1 whole roasting chicken
olive oil flavored cooking spray (we have used olive oil, vegetable oil, whatever we have)
seasoning salt, to taste
Make 4 or 5 loose balls of aluminum foil and place in bottom of crock pot.
Clean chicken inside and out. Spray with olive oil spray.
Sprinkle generously inside and out with seasoned salt.
Put chicken back-side down in crock pot (on top of foil balls).
Cook on high 4-6 hours

Friday, June 26, 2009

Super Cool Tool--- Exercise related

I found this website that lets you map out your walking route and it tells you how far it is. I like to walk different streets in our neighborhood and always guesstimated how far it was. Now I know for sure. If it has my small town streets, I'm sure it has anyone's.


Lots of ramblings about lots of things

So, my Wii doesn't like me. The Husband got on, after not using it for 133 days, and it told him he lost 10 lbs. TEN POUNDS. Every single flippin time I get on it, it tells me I have gained at least 1 lb. Last night was 1.1. This frustrates me because I have been exercising 3 times a week and semi watching what I eat. Ive only been doing it for 2 weeks but still. I shouldn't gain. The Husband said some nonsense about it being muscle before you actually lose blah blah. Nothing I really wanted to hear, even if it is true. A few months ago was the first time I have ever tried to diet/exercise. In my whole life! I didn't lose anything then either and now I know why I quit. I guess I want instant satisfaction. I don't have tons of patience....I need results to keep my attitude up. Oh and I don't want to cut out all junk food or stop drinking my 2 Mt Dew's per day. I really don't think that's a lot to ask for but apparently it is in the 'workout world'. blech. I look at old high school friends on Facebook and they have all gained lots of weight. Is that just your destiny as you get older? I dont want to gain more but at the same time I don't want to miss out on all the yummy food. __________________________________________________________
My child has a busy social life. And she's not even 8yrs old yet. She has a friend coming over Sunday to play....the plans were confirmed yesterday around noon. Yesterday at dinner M tells me how she's going to work with my mom Monday and Tuesday. Uhhh no one told me this. We will be spending all day with my mom on Saturday so it would have made more sense for her to stay Sat night through Tue evening.....a little vacation for her. Now she comes home with us and then we have to drive her back to my mom's after Ava leaves Sunday evening. She cried and said she was mad at herself for not telling me sooner. I felt bad but they cant tell me these things at the last minute and I wont cancel plans with Ava because that's not right. I excuse my mom too because she has alot on her plate lately and she thought it was next week. ____________________________________________________________
Saturday we are going to move my grandfathers things and clean his apt. I sooo hope this isn't an emotional event for my mom because I suck at these things. Im just uncomfy and don't know what to do. I hardly even cry in front of people, except The Husband.
We bought a tent last weekend. Now we just have to find time to go camping. lol Busy people, we are! Buying this tent has proved that I have some deep rooted issues. lol I keep thinking that the tent doesn't have locks/doors/anything to protect us. A friend of mine said 'killers don't hang out at campgrounds' and while that phrase makes me laugh every time I think it.....I think shes wrong. Why wouldn't they? Easy access, makes sense to me. I think that whenever we go camping I will have to get falling down drunk (yes in front of the kids who have barely seen me drink) or heavily medicate myself in order to not worry about this. Our first camping will be in our backyard and the second will probably be in my moms backyard. lol She has a pool so we could spend the day at the pool and hang out all night. It seemed like a cheap vacation to do with the 3 kids.....minus the killer part. ___________________________________________________________
Micheal Jackson. I don't know how I feel about him. Sure he was a star but I still don't know that he wasn't a pedophile also. I'm just kinda neutral on his death. I'm rather shocked that so many people are saddened by it. I must have been under the impression that everyone thought he was a pedophile. Last night on FB I watched a friend get tore to shreds over her comment about him.....from her friends who obviously thought she was defaming his character or whatever. I was surprised to find out he was 50. Surgery does wonders for wrinkles I guess. I'm starting to get 2 wrinkled in between my eyes. Not liking that!!

I guess that's enough thoughts for this early in the morning, especially on a Friday!
Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TAG- 6 things that make me happy

The oh so lovely Staci tagged me in this fun little get to know you!
My turn around time on this one is 23 days. Not bad. I think I am almost caught up!

Here are the rules:
List Six Unimportant Things That Make You Happy
Mention and link to the person who tagged you
Tag six of your favorite bloggers to play along, and comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged.

Six Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy
  1. bubble wrap, I love it
  2. Sunrise and Sunset
  3. going out to eat....I love eating out and we do it every weekend, I am spoiled!
  4. I do love to cook though and it makes me happy to try a new recipe and everyone love it
  5. taking a walk with my family
  6. snuggling with my (almost) 8 yr old like shes still a baby.....we did this Monday morning when neither of us wanted to get up. She crawled in bed with me and I pretended she was a baby by laying her on my chest. She is almost as tall as me!!
and now.....
I tag all of you to do this. It was nice thinking of all the things that make me happy. I could have listed tons once I started thinking. It truly is the little things in life.....

My psychotic Facebook episode

I am now banned from taking FB quizzes. Whatever will I do with my spare time now? The Husband said No. More. Quizzes for me.

My friends send me so much junk on there.....drinks, watergun fights, pillow fights, cats/dogs/hearts, you know all that stuff that I mostly ignore. I do enjoy the quizzes though and most of the time I feel like they have some validity to them. Except I wont marry a cowboy and his name wont be Dan. Ohhh it did guess my kids first name correctly though! See!!

To the point....A friend sent a Tarot Card reading quiz. woohoo, lets see what this baby says.

It asks my mood so I answered based on work because I was kinda emotionless on anything else. I don't like my job most of the time. (The money keeps me here) OK finished the quiz and BAM.....the death card. HUH? Most people that know me know that's my worst fear. I think it comes from being traumatized by my dad dying when I was at a young age. OK I'm a little freaked out, eyes wide open. This is right before bed also. So The Husband, being his supportive self, laughs and says he will take it. I log out, he logs in, takes quiz and gets the fool card. Hmmm still not funny. I log back in and will answer the questions again based on semi different answers, I didn't change them all. BAM. death card again. OK, its realllllly not funny at this point. I took a NyQuil to help me sleep because I knew I would think all night. So, yeah, a FB quiz may or may not have made me cry for a second last night. ;) That's some serious stuff! I just try to keep reminding myself that I'm not married to a cowboy named Dan, like it said, so I wont die soon either.

sigh. Cant anything be enjoyable these days?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I have the sadz for Jon, Kate and more importantly the 8 little kids.
I have tried to stay in denial, even when there was pics of him with the ugly school teacher or whoever she was. Don't get me wrong, Kate isn't an angel either but still. Right now I'm chosing to be mad at Jon. I know, I know, she treated him like he was stupid but maybe he really was?

Monday, June 22, 2009

One lovely blog Award

The awesome Lisha at Everday Life with smiles gave me this great award! Thank you!

She gave it to me in May. Is that a bad turn around time? lol

The Bella Rules:
1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

So some of 15 newly discovered blogs.....

Honestly I haven't found very many new blogs lately. Mainly because I am having a hard enough time keeping up with the blogs I already read.

Here are the people that I will pass this on to......

Ashley (Dog Tags and Pearls)

Jodi (Our crazy life)

Another online mom

Masked Mommy

100 calorie packs=HA! (and exercise)

Last week I told myself that I would exercise 3 times during the week. Tuesday I did the Wii Fit, after it told me I had gained 1.5 lbs in 6 days.....stupid thing! It rained most of the week but Thursday it was sunny so I planned a play/exercise date. My friend and her dd would meet M and I and they would ride bikes while we walked. Loaded up the bike, driving to the school and the friend calls asking if I could stop and get her a water I told her I was pulling in now. She then tells me how hot it is out....80, maybe 83 but there was a great breeze. She said maybe we could just sit in the shade and talk. Uh I was not happy! I told her that my promise of working out and that I was still going to. I know this may sound mean but she does crap like this all the time and I was just mad. I really dont know why we are still friends. Oh and she's like I have on jean shorts, I didnt really think we were going to walk. What part of 'do you want to walk while the girls ride their bikes' did you not understand? Come on. So she left to go to the store...I walked a lap while venting to The Husband on the phone, then jogged a lap, walked another lap and she finally made it back from the store. Geesh! So I was on lap 3 by the time she got back. She then walked 2 more laps with me and told me she had to sit down. Let me give you an important piece of background.....she brags about how she is such a runner, she loves to run, its all over her Facebook that she is a runner and into exercise. yeah.
Friday night after taking M to spend the night at my moms, The Husband walked 1 mile with me through our neighborhood. He really is my best friend. Sometimes it would be nice to have reliable girl friends too though. My friends suck and are very self absorbed.

Oh yeah those snack packs. I bought some yesterday while grocery shopping. Lemon Cakes....about the size if a tube of chapstick. I could eat the whole box. I dont think the 100 calorie packs will work out for me. lol

M starts going to the pool this week at daycare. They go 2 days a week and I think I am going to use those 2 days to exercise and give her a little more time at the pool. The way it is now is that she would only be there 1.5 hrs before I picked her up. I used to be so bad about the mommy guilt but Im ok with this and she loved the idea too. I already put a roast in the crockpot for dinner tonight so we can eat right when we get home.

I am a talker.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What did your room look like as a child?

I have such fond memories of my room as a child. I had a white canopy bed with a peach canopy topper thingy and a peach dust ruffle. My comforter was rainbow but it was the coolest rainbow! It would start out with like orange and then the next stripe would be lighter and lighter until you got to a peach color. This went on with several colors. Maybe thats where my love of rainbows came from? I can almost still feel that comforter in my mind, very odd! As I got older I had the jelly bracelets interwined to make a chain and draped from post to post at the footboard.

Then I became a teen.

I had a waterbed that took up my whole freaking room. What were my parents thinking? I wouldnt allow M to have that crowded of a room. A teen doesnt need a king size bed anyway. I also had a white vanity, dresser, tv and big stereo....you know the kind with the tall speakers. Then came the posters on the wall. Kirk Cameron and Madonna, with her mini skirt and lacy headband. Oh and the room was a very pale purple.

What was your room like as a child or teen?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun Stuff

As you know we decided to skip our yearly vacation to do semi local fun things that we have never done. Summer O' Fun is supposed to be about showing M new and exciting adeventures. Oh who am I kidding? I love road trips and this allows more of them. I was a little bummed out that June has started off with so much sadness and interrupted my plans.

We dusted off and jumped right into the weekend.....

First stop was going to the Parade that was near our house.
Then the debate was to go to the Carnival or do something else fun. The 2 step daughters arent big on rides....like they wont even ride the carousel, whereas M now has a little taste of 'big' rides and theres no going back to fake motorcycles that only goes 1 mph. Baby rides, as she calls them. See the dilemna? As a family we all came up with ideas of things we could do and then we voted on Carnival or no Carnival. I waited to vote until M did because I knew she would be out-voted (lol)....I know, favortism, whatever. I do disguise it! Anyway the final decision was no Carnival and we would go ride go-karts and do mini golf.

The 2 girls have never played mini golf and none of them had ever ridden go-karts. We tried to take M to this place before but she wasnt old enough to drive. We played mini golf, The Husband and M did the batting cage. I was scared to let M do this but I stifled my fears since she really wanted too. She did great!! Next up was the go-karts. Youngest girl is so short so she had to ride with The Husband....she was a little upset but it worked out. He wasnt even going fast and she wanted him to slow down. These 2 kids need to get out more!! The oldest girl was looking at me and not paying any attention when she pulled into stop and she wasnt slowing down.....she plowed right into the rest of the parked cars. We laughed about that for the rest of the day.

We all had a blast. I highly recommend go-karts. If you have young kids you can let them ride with you in a double car. I felt like such a kid doing it and I laughed so hard at these goofy girls driving. I would ride go-karts all day, every day if I could! lol Our day ended by stopping at Denny's (kid's pick) and getting Cosmic Cups and Alien Pancakes for dinner.

Next on the list is buying a tent to go camping. Stay tuned for some good stories. (I've never really camped, well I tried like 2 times but it rained each times and the tents like blew down or something crazy....it wasnt pleasant)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yes or No?

I saw this on Lisha's blog and decided it looked fun. I am a million 'tags/awards/meme's' behind but I decide to do this one. I do things in a different style than others. lol

Here are the rules:
1. You can ONLY answer Yes or No.
2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and asks. -- And believe me, the temptation to explain some of these will be overwhelming. Nothing is exactly as it seems.

Kissed any one of your Facebook friends? Yes
Been arrested? no
Kissed someone you didn't like? no
Slept in until 5 PM? Yes
Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes
Held a snake? no
Ran a red light? yes
Been suspended from school? yes
Experienced love at first sight? no
Totaled your car in an accident? No
Been in a vehicle at more than 100 mph? yes
Driven a vehicle at more than 100 mph? yes
Been fired from a job? no
Fired somebody? no
Sang karaoke? no
Pointed a gun at someone? no
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? yes
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? no
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? yes
Kissed in the rain? no
Had a close brush with death? yes
Played spin-the-bottle? yes
Sang in the shower? yes
Smoked a cigar? yes
Sat on a rooftop? no
Taken pictures of yourself naked? no
Smuggled something into another country? No
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes? no
Broken a bone? yes
Skipped school? yes
Eaten a bug? No
Sleepwalked? yes
Walked a moonlit beach? yes
Rode a motorcycle? yes
Dumped someone? yes
Forgotten your anniversary? no
Lied to avoid a ticket? No
Ridden on a helicopter? no
Shaved your head? no
Played a prank on someone? yes
Hit a home run? No
Felt like killing someone? yes
Cross-dressed? No
Been falling-down drunk? yes
Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? yes
Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? no
Puked on amusement ride? yes
Seriously & intentionally boycotted something? no
Been in a band? no
Knitted? No
Been on TV? no
Shot a gun? yes
Skinny-dipped? no
Gave someone stitches? yes
Eaten a whole habenero pepper? no
Ridden a surfboard? no
Drank straight from a liquor bottle? yes
Had surgery? Yes
Streaked? no
Taken by ambulance to hospital? yes
Tripped on mushrooms? no
Passed out when not drinking? yes
Peed on a bush? No
Donated Blood? no
Grabbed electric fence? no
Eaten alligator meat? no
Eaten cheesecake? yes
Eaten your kids' Halloween candy? yes
Killed an animal when not hunting? yes
Peed your pants in public? no
Pooped your pants in public? no
Snuck into a movie without paying? No
Written graffiti? yes
Think about the future? yes
Been in handcuffs? yes
Believe in love? yes
Sleep on a certain side of the bed? yes

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I dont have time to blog because...

I am too busy driving! Can you believe I put 3000 miles on my car in ONE month? Neither could the Honda guys.

My car (really its not a car, its an SUV but I call everything a car) has a 100k mile warranty but to have that honored I have to have it maintained at a Honda place. It has to be a Honda certified technician, which I think is silly but whatever......so I go in Monday since I was off and we would be traveling 3 hours the next day for the funeral.
Honda guy: have you been to California?
Me: uh, no. (thinking he's a weirdo)
HG: you were just here in May so that means you put 3000k miles on your car in 1 month. We were talking about it out in the shop and thought maybe there was a mistake somewhere. There just cant be any way you put that many miles on in 1 month.
Me: I did. (wishing he would just shut up already)

So there you have it.....I am too busy traveling to blog.

(Thank you guys for the sympathy. Im trying to move ahead this week and get back to normal life. I debated on even blogging about it but it is my life, so I did.)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Last week.....

my grandfather died and I had a miscarriage.

Nice huh? Yeah it was a great week.

I was due to get my period on Friday so I was paranoid the whole time we were away. We got home from Hershey Park Sunday night and I took a dollar tree pregnancy test just because. (Remember years of infertility here) So there was 2 lines but I was so tired I just kinda went to bed. Madison and I stayed home Monday because we were exhausted, this was pre-planned, since we didnt get home until 9:30 Sunday night. The Husband gets up the next morning and wakes me up to say he see's the lines too and he was all rubbing my tummy. Still in shock all day, while out running errands I picked up a First Response early detection pregnancy test. 2 lines also....and I didnt use first morning pee. We had so many emotions....shock, happiness, you name it. We looked at baby names because we want to name a future baby an M name so that we will have 2 J's and 2 M's. We were just all wrapped up in this. I made my dr's appt etc.
Tuesday morning I got up and was bleeding. TMI---first it was just regular bleeding and then it got heavier and heavier. I called the dr and took my lunch break having a blood test done. Got the results back on Wed that my levels were 14, 10 is pregnant. So yay, I am really pregnant but there is this bleeding still. Everyone thought optimistically but I tried to stay numb. It was scary! We didnt tell hardly anyone....my mom, MIL, girls I am on a message board with and the guy The Husband works with. Ok so results on Wed and then back for more bloodwork on Thursday to make sure my levels were rising. Another lunch hour getting blood work.....results on Friday. Can I just tell you that this is the most drawn out process ever? I spent my whole week not knowing if I were going to have a baby or not.
So lets skip over to my grandfather. He has been sick, Ive posted about that. We knew he wasnt going to make it very long. My mom told me Thursday night that he was doing pretty bad. I hadnt been to see him because I was so wrapped up in this pregnancy thing. I wanted to go that night but my mom said no, she didnt want me getting sick. He had some sort of flu. So I didnt go. We had planned on going Sunday to spend the day with him. I slept with my phone near me that night. I cried before bed. I knew, I just knew. 5:30am my phone rings....before even seeing who it was I knew *WHAT* it was. My mom waited until it was time for me to get up to tell me. My grandfather died at 3am. He went to sleep and that was it. The nurse had checked on him and he was fine....she went back in 10 mins later and he was gone. I laid in bed crying. I told M and she started crying so I kept her home from school. (she had only missed 1 other day the whole year and now shes missed tons) I tried not to upset myself too much because, afterall, I was pregnant.

The dr hadnt called and it was 11:45am so I called them. My levels fell and I had a miscarriage. The rest of the day was spent sobbing my effin eyes out trying to figure out WHY. Why tease a person with infertility? Why let me be pregnant for 1 whole effin day? WHY? Why make this happen now, when my grandpa was dying? This consumed the whole last week of his life and kept me from seeing him.

I thought I was doing better but as I type this I am angry, almost crying and want to say the F word alot.

The funeral is tomorrow. They had to wait for family to fly in. The past week has been such a whirlwind. I lost a baby that I yearned for, for years and my last grandparent too.