Friday, May 29, 2009

Silver Foot, White Foot.....

That's what Madison has on today and I let her.

I remember a looong, looong time ago when she was little (lol) I obsessed over stains getting on her clothes and prohibited her from doing some things so that she didnt ruin her Gymbo. ha! Then I thought about what kind of memories she would have (I always think about this) and didnt want her to be the kid who could never do anything. I was Kate, from Jon and Kate.

Anyway, now I let her do whatever most of the time. At the beginning of the week she decided that this was sports theme week....only in her head, not a real thing at school. So each day she has wore a T-shirt from her many times of playing soccer over the past 2 years.

Last week I bought her flip flops at the big Old Navy sale. One silver and one white pair. She looooves the silver and they have little hearts on them. She has been wearing them after school all week but wearing one of each. I asked why and she said she really likes the silver but she didnt want me to think she doesnt like the white too. Oooook.

She wanted to wear them to school today, one of each. And I let her.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Writer's Workshop-10 Happy's and Sleepwalking

The wonderful MamaKat has posted her weekly prompts AND I made time again this week to join. Go check her out and join in the fun!

The Prompts:
5.) List ten things that make you HAPPY.(inspired by our irritation at our own complaining from last weeks "Sick Of" posts.)

1. My daughter
2. Hearing my daughter laugh
3. Laughing at the silly nonsense that comes from The Husband
4. Hearing my youngest step daughter tell us how much she loves being at our house and that she would like to come live with us….knowing she would only see her mom briefly, like she does us now. As a mother I would hate my daughter to say that but as her step-mother it makes my heart warm that she loves our house that much.
5. Hearing giggly girls running around our house
6. Sunshine (not enough of that this week!)
7. When The Husband cooks dinner. He just bought a new grill/smoker thingy and he is in love with it. Works for me if he wants to stand in the rain to grill ribs.
8. Shopping. I love to shop. It doesn’t matter if I buy anything or not, I just love to be out looking at stuff.
9. Road Trips-I loooove going new places. I love the excitement leading up to a trip. (leaving this weekend!!)
10. Free time-I don’t have enough of this lately but I love it, when it happens!

6.) Ok I was going to end it with five, but Laina just got out of bed as I was finishing this post and I SWEAR she is sleep walking. It's creepy. I keep asking her what she is doing and she's staring at me...but not directly at me...kind of just a centimeter to the left of my head. I KNEW she was a sleep walker. I just knew it. SO! Share a sleep walking story of your own!!(inspired by my scary four year old)

*I* am a sleepwalker. Or at least I used to be. This story has been told so many times that I now think I remember it vividly. I'm sure its just from hearing it so many times though. My parents had friends over and they were playing cards at the kitchen table. I was asleep in my room down the hall. Apparently I walked down the hall, grabbed a chair, climbed up on the chair and grabbed a loaf of bread that was on top of the fridge. (that was where they kept the bread?) I opened up the brand new loaf of bread and took out slice by slice just flinging it one way or another. Right side, left side, until there was no bread left. While the adults sat there and laughed at me.
My daughter follows in my footsteps with everything so sleepwalking should not have been a surprise to me when she did it. But it was. She will sit up in bed, have a full conversation with ‘someone’ and then go back to sleep. One night right as I was falling asleep I heard her get out of bed. Her room is kinda like a big square with a little L attached in the corner. (It’s a cape cod) So I go in her room and she is over in the corner just kinda standing there with this glazed over look. It was like she was possessed or something. lol This scares me because our bedrooms are upstairs so I am afraid she is going to sleep walk down the steps one night. Ive thought of putting up a gate but that’s a little weird for a 8 yr old and she doesn’t do it very much…..mostly just the talking while sitting up.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I could be a Cullen (and randomness)

I dyed my hair last weekend and it came out kinda dark.

I bought new makeup and it is too light. Today is the first time I have worn it sooo it kinda sucks that I am at work looking like a vampire (dark hair, white skin) and cant do anything about it.
I had shrimp lo-mein for lunch and it was yummy!
My grandfather is scheduled to go to his new assisted living facility today. That's kinda bittersweet. He is moving near my mom so it will be soooo much easier to go see him. I love that part but I hate that he is getting 'this old'.
I am sooooo ready to go to Hershey Park. M is excited too! We looked on YouTube at some of the rides and it appears she may be a daredevil. Some of the rides she said she would try.....I don't want to try! lol I told her we are seeing a show while we are there but she still doesn't know its Drake Bell. eeek!
I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. That's always fun!

Have a great day!! :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Grandfather, Squats, iCarly

First off my grandfather-
My grandfather is hallucinating at night now. He called my mom last night at 10:30 to tell her that his phone was smoking and did she think they (the hospital) were trying to kill him. The nurse told my mom on Monday that at night he pulled out all of his iv's, oxygen etc. When I was there he said he was up all night because they were doing construction next door. I didn't think much of it. He seemed perfectly fine to me. My mom said yesterday he had a glazed look in his eyes and he told her that he has already seen my grandma (his wife) and his mother. That scares me. I probably watch too much TV though....does that happen IRL? I'm thinking Grey's here. Oh and my mom asked what type of meds he was on and they said Benadryl and Tylenol PM for sleep. My mom is on her way to the hospital to talk to the Dr's.

Those torturous Hindu squats-
Did anyone brave them? I can barely walk today and look like I am limping......this is from doing them the one time. Yesterday wasn't bad but maybe walking the neighborhood last night didn't help? No pain, no gain. (I may take some Advil, its that bad!)

Hershey Park-Icarly-
Remember that we are going to Hershey Park next weekend. First time M will go to a real amusement park so she is going to be thrilled. Add to that the fact that iCarly was going to be there. Her FAVORITE girl. This is her Hannah Montana. The Husband talked me into not telling her and letting it be a surprise. Glad I actually listened to him (for once) because she isn't going to be there now!!! We checked back to see what time the concert was and her name wasn't there.....Drake Bell is now in her place. I kinda thought maybe I hallucinated it but The Husband saw it that means I'm not crazy. Drake is from Drake and Josh (another Nick show) and he also has a (a few?) albums out. M watched him prior to iCarly so she does like him. She has one of his CD's and she even thinks hes cute. (sigh) She will still be excited but The Husband and I are a little disappointed since we like iCarly better. lol

How's that for a little bit of everything? :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Writing Assignment-Weekend Plans and Too Busy to...

Each week the ever so wonderful MamaKat gives out Writing Assignments, if you chose to accept. I enjoy doing this but have been too busy at work to participate the past few weeks.

I can’t decide which one to do so I will touch on a few of them….

2.) Memorial Day Weekend plans?? Do share!

I never go anywhere on Memorial Day weekend. The wreck I was in was Memorial Day weekend and I am superstitious about driving. It was on Sunday night and I was going to a friend’s house to hang out…..I never made it there. Spent 2 weeks in UVA and then was homebound for the rest of the summer while I did physical therapy. Oh the memories!

5.) What have you been too busy to pay attention to?

I have been too busy for everything. Between all of the traveling we have been doing and working in our yard to spruce it up for the spring/summer. In a matter of 1 week I traveled for 20 hours. 20 hours in a car….I wont get that back! Last Tuesday I went 3 hours (one way) for work, Saturday we went 2.5 hours (one way) so that The Husband and oldest stepdaughter could get fitted for my brother-in-law’s wedding in July, and then this Tuesday I went to see my grandfather in the hospital which is about 3 hours away (one way). OK so it wasn’t quite 20 but I like to round up, it makes the story more interesting.

So with all of this jet-setting I have been doing….I have kinda neglected the laundry, the cleaning, the marital duties, and well everything. If I hear The Husband ask if he has something clean one more time I may just hurt him. Really though, he has been great with helping but he is banned from laundry. You guys remember the laundry incident where he did my clothes and they had permanent wrinkles? Yeah. I had to wash the clothes a few times just to get the wrinkles out because they just wouldn’t go away. It just didn’t seem worth it to have him help with that chore anymore.

I could do a few more prompts but Ive whined enough and you are probably asleep now. Laundry isn’t the most exciting topic, huh?

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do NOT try this at home (exercise)

If by some chance you do try it and live to tell about it, don't come back her bragging to me! lol

I saw this on a message board I frequent and thought no problem. Afterall, I did the Shred without any problems and wondered what all the fuss was about.

Remember the Sinus Infection from hell? Ummm I haven't really exercised since then. sigh

So I start the video, hmmm no problem, get to 32 and think I am going to die. I continue on. My chest and throat feels like I am having and asthma attack. Not that I have ever had one but I'm assuming this is what it would feel like. It hurt and burned. I did finish my 100 in 5 minutes but my form at the end was less that desirable. Still a squat is a squat, right? I thought so too.

Baby steps.

ps- you do 100 in 5 minutes. I finished but I'm pretty sure I wont be able to walk tomorrow.

Opinions Needed

I have a Facebook issue that I need some help solving.
Lets back up a bit first though….

In the beginning when I started my FB I was very selective in who I had on my page. It made me realize that I am a private person. Yeah, I know, I have a public blog but I guess I feel protected on here because I keep it mostly anonymous. You guys don’t really ‘know’ me. As time passed on FB I have loosened up a bit. I mean I'm not posting about wild sex parties or anything. Not sure why I don’t want the world to know that I shopped all day on Saturday, who knows....I never claimed to make sense. I look at the people with 200+ friends oddly. (No offense to 200+ friend people) I have a friend who has tons of friends but no one EVER comments on her stuff. That’s just odd to me. Ok, I am getting sidetracked here……the point was the privateness (made up word?)

Now lets skip over to The Husband’s ex. I really don’t talk about her a lot because we don’t have too many issues with her. We HATE that she put the kids in public school and then pulled them right out because someone picked on the oldest daughter. That's a great way to deal with life. *rolling eyes* They are now home schooled and the youngest hates it. She cries for her friends that she met at school. She asks to come live with us so she can go to school with M. I could go on and on about this but I will spare offending any homeschoolers who read my blog. So lets call the ex- BabyMama….just because I like to say it and yes I call her that in real life too. Just not to her face. We are nice to each other and get along fine. We don’t do joint birthdays or hang out together but we are more than civil and accommodating to each other.

Is anyone still reading or have I managed to offend everyone with my views on FB and homeschooling? lol

I'm sure by now you have guessed what my issue is. BabyMama requested that we be friends on FB last night. This made me lose sleep!! She said that she wasn’t sure if it would be weird for me but she adds pics of the kids that she thought I may want to view. She did not request to be friends with The Husband….just me. Whatever. He is never on FB so we would have preferred it have been him. I really don’t know what to do. I don’t want to accept it because I really don’t want her all in our lives. I think there is a fine line in blending families and if you cross it, it could turn ugly. I hate to not accept though because then it will be all weird when I see her and I will feel bad. Ive thought about not accepting and then just not going to any pick-up and drop-offs for awhile. lol, make The Husband deal with it! I am evil.

An example would be……we are going to Hershey Park next weekend. She does know we are going because we had to switch weekends with her due to the concert. The kids know we are going to PA. They get motion sickness from riding the carousel so it really isn’t a place for them. But I'm sure I will be talking about it on FB when I get back because M is going to be soooo excited for her surprise. You get what I mean? Ugh!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Grandpa is in the hospital....

and its torture for me to just sit here and wait for my mom to call so I thought I would blog about it. My mom called me a little after 8am and told me that my grandfather called her and he couldn't breathe and had chest pains. He lives in an elderly community....not a nursing home, its like each person has their own apartment but there are main common areas for them to gather. There are no nurses on-site. Soooo my mom tells him to hang up and call 911 and she is on her way. She lives about 1 1/2 hrs from him so she left right away. I called her a bit ago and she was pulling in the hospital then and said she would call me back. So I sit and wait.

He has emphysema and wears an oxygen mask so there is already breathing problems there. This is one of the reasons I quit smoking....watching him not be able to walk 5ft without gasping for air.

He is my last remaining grandparent. My dad's parents died when I was 4, within 6 mos of each other. I have no memory at all of them and that's kinda sad to me. My mom's mom died about 5 yrs ago and I was dev-a-sta-ted! I loved that little lady so much. I'm getting teary just thinking about it. I was always closer with her than my grandfather and honestly things haven't been the same since she died. Whenever I do go visit my grandfather its weird....without my grandma there its just not the same. The first few times made me cry so I didn't go back as often as I should. Its just sad.

Ok need to go distract myself.

Friday, May 15, 2009

One year ago today

I quit smoking. It has been a long, hard road and honestly I never thought I would make it. In the beginning I thought about smoking ALL. THE. TIME!! I wanted to give in but my wonderful husband, who quit a month before me *for* me, was such a great support system. He didn't really want to quit but did because he knew that I reallllly wanted to. I loved smoking, it was me.....but I love living more. As someone who lost a parent at a young age, I wanted to be there for M when she got married and to see all of her important life things. I just had to keep that in my mind. I even got morbid and cut out obits from the paper of young people who died of cancer.

All that and still in the back of my mind I didn't think I could do it. There are still some times that I think about smoking and miss it. I did it for about 15 yrs. It was part of me. I mainly miss it when I get stressed out and need a break. I miss it at work recently because if you don't smoke you don't really take a break. I have started to *make* myself take a break and go outside and walk around a bit.

Anyone who is struggling with quitting or have thought about can do it.
Really, you can!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Games for the kids while traveling

We are on the road quite a bit and it will increase over the summer so I started looking around for some things to do with the kids while traveling.

When we went to the Circus I printed out bingo cards and they were a big hit. Actually I brought a set on the field trip to the zoo too. M and her friends had fun and some of the parents thought it was a brilliant idea. My step-daughter's loved them too.....I was just running to the store one day and asked if anyone wanted to go. The oldest's deciding factor was if I had any bingo cards ready. lol I didn't, so she stayed home.

Saturday we are traveling 2 hours (again!) for The Husband and the oldest step daughter to get fitted to be in my brother-in-law's wedding, in July. So I just printed out some cards for the trip and thought I should pass the link on. The site has tic-tac-toe printables, road trip bingo, scavenger hunt, etc.

A little get to know you........

Do you like blue cheese? No
Do you own a gun? No
What flavor of Kool-Aid was your favorite? Grape
Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Yes!
What do you think of hot dogs? I like mine burnt or microwaved to a rubbery state
Favorite Holiday movie? Rudolph…we just watched Fred Clause on HBO last weekend and it was really cute.
Favorite thing to drink in the morning? Mt Dew…I love the cold crispness of it
Can you do push ups? Negative
What's your favorite piece of jewelry? Wedding Rings....especially my engagement ring because The Husband picked it out all by himself.
What's your favorite hobby? Internet? I like to garden.
Do you have A.D.D.? Sometimes I think so. I can listen to you, look you in the face and acknowledge what you said but Im not really listening and forget it 5 mins later. I hate that but my mind is always going a million directions.
What's one trait you hate about yourself? OCDish
Middle name? AnnName
3 thoughts at this exact moment: is my brother on the right track, I feel bad that The Husband will be home alone with 3 kids Fri night because I am taking my bff out for a birthday dinner, its cold and it’s the middle of May
What do you read in the bathroom? Nothing...oh I do read magazines while taking hot baths
Current worry? When will we have a free weekend?
Current hate right now? Nothing really
Favorite place to be? Home or the beach. I love watching M at the beach….its so relaxing!
How did you bring in the New Year? Sleeping, I think.
Where would you like to go? Hawaii
Name three people who will complete this. Mel, Staci, Lisha or Ashley (my faithful commenters)
Do you own slippers? yes I actually wear slippers all year. I hate being barefoot
What shirt are you wearing? Pink tank with black fleece
Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? I don’t know that I ever have slept on any
Can you whistle? Yes but I couldn’t until I was like 18. Sooo uncoordinated.
Favorite color? Purple
Would you be a pirate? No
What songs do you sing in the shower? none
Favorite girl's name? Skylar
Favorite boy's name? Jaxson (Im kinda over this one but I did like it for a few months)
What's in your pocket right now? Nothing
What vehicle do you drive? Honda Pilot
Worst injury you've ever had? Car wreck-lots of broken bones, etc
Do you love where you live? Yes, I really do!
How many TV's do you have in your house? 4
Who is your loudest friend? I don’t know that I have loud friends
Do you have any pets? 1 cat, Dasher
Does someone have a crush on you? Of course they do, silly!
Your favorite book(s)? ummm I don’t really have one. Refer back to that ADD question….I cant get into books very easily.
Do you collect anything? Nope, hate junk (M collects rocks….I loved rocks as a kid too so that’s neat….If she isn’t with me and I see an interesting rock than I get it for her)
Favorite Sports Team? Virginia Tech, by marriage
What song do you want played at your funeral? Oh I don’t like to think about that. I have the mindset of living forever.

Ok now its your turn Ladies!

Monday, May 11, 2009


I go on a business trip to 'the big city'. I have to leave at 5am just to get there at 9am due to the morning traffic. Yay me huh?
Really though I am very flattered that my boss has asked me to attend an event that really doesn't pertain to my immediate job because he wants my opinion on it. This could open even bigger doors than what I have now. I love my doors already so bigger would be super!

Have a great day tomorrow and be thankful you aren't sitting in traffic going 5mph.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Party Update

The party was fun! I had no idea that 5 girls would be that loud. They were like wild Indians....wresting, putting their legs over the stair banisters, trying to pull each others pants down....uh yeah. lol The one little girl is older but M knows her from daycare/before&after care so she came too. I let her log on the computer to show M this girl thing that she wanted her to join. I'm not too big on it so I sat there the whole time supervising and the little girl did not want to get off the computer. I had to make her go outside with the rest of us.

All of the girls had fun and M was just so thrilled to have all of her friends over! After everyone left The Husband played princess monopoly with M and A. The game was over.....M was getting tired, A text her brother and I could tell she wasn't to sure about staying the night. I asked if she wanted to call her mom and she did. She is on a antibiotic for a sinus infection and she said its giving her a rash so she wanted to go home. They only live like 3 miles away so her dad came and got her around 10pm. M was disappointed and I realized that I will need therapy whenever M starts dating because I feel her pain very clearly. I was sad for her. I tried to remind her (and myself) that M wont stay at any one's house yet so its not a big deal.

Saturday morning came and we were getting ready to go shopping, run errands and get groceries when A's mom called and asked if M wanted to come over for the day. She said that A wasn't done playing and would love to have M come hang out. So I asked which she would rather do....go there or come shopping with me and she chose to go there. I dropped her off at 10:30am and she stayed until 6pm! I went shopping all day by myself and got to look at every-thing-in-the-store! lol The Husband was working but got home shortly before I did so we hung out for a little bit alone before M got home. M had her cell phone (yes, she is 7yrs old with a phone) so we talked several times that day to see if she was ready to come home and I talked to A's mom too. I think I was ready for her to come home before she was.

It was a nice day and it made up for the disappointment of no real sleepover at the party.

Happy Mother's Day


I love reading your posts about you and your kiddo's.....the good and the bad.

Have a relaxing-do whatever you want-kind of day!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Pilates FYI

I know alot of people out in Blogland are in to exercising so I wanted to pass this info along.....

Question: How do I know how many calories I burn doing Pilates? Does it count as cardio or strength training?

Expert Answer:Your Pilates workout is a great way to improve general fitness, and will definitely burn some extra calories--but not as many as traditional aerobic exercise. And it won't provide the same cardiovascular conditioning benefits as aerobics, even if it does elevate your heart rate quite a bit. Aerobic exercise has heart-healthy effects because of the unique way it forces the cardiovascular system to provide extra oxygen and blood flow to the muscles. So, we encourage people NOT to replace traditional aerobic exercise (running, walking, biking, etc.) with other things that serve different purposes. Better to do both, if possible. SparkPeople's cardio tracker doesn't estimate calories burned for things like Pilates and weight training because it's almost impossible to estimate how many calories a given person would be burning due to the many individual variables involved. Since any stock formula is bound to be significantly off for the majority of people who use it, and since overestimating calories burned is just as unhelpful as underestimating calories eaten, we recommend that people just consider the calories burned by these kinds of activity as "extra" calories they are banking for those days when things don't quite go as planned.

*Info taken from email from Spark People

Aww I think he loves me

I have been extremely busy lately, mainly due to work and a new project. I never realized how much stuff I got done at work, including blogging, until I barely had time to go pee.
I'm not going to go on and on whining about my busy schedule (you know I could, I whine very well!) but I wanted to tell you what a great husband I have.

I decided to do a paint project right before it was time to have THE party. Yeah, I am a smart one. I think I like to torture myself sometimes. Anyway last night I was planning on finishing it and all would be well. Until I ran out of paint.....with just a teeny tiny bit to go. UGH! So I went to run to our local hardware store last night (remember small town) and they closed at 8pm. I tried to go at 8:15. DOUBLE UGH! So today when The Husband got off he was going to run by the hardware store and pick up some paint.....I looked online and it said they carried it. Guess what? They don't. So The Husband called to tell me the bad news that I would have to go by Lowe's and pick it up, since that's where we got the original from. He also took it upon himself to go to the grocery store and got ground beef to grill some hamburgers tonight since I now have to go run this errand after work.
How sweet is he !?!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dirt Cups for THE Party

You guys didnt forget about THE End of the Year Party/Sleepover/Playdate/Call it what you want.....did you?

It is this Friday. So in just a few short days my house will be overcome with more girls than usual. The Husband looooooves being the only boy around (read that sarcastically). Actually it isnt going to be too bad.
M invited 5 girls.
4 are coming
2 (sisters) are going home after a few hours of play
1 is staying
1 is coming but still hasnt decided if she wants to stay the night(which is fine and we totally understand....M has never stayed anywhere but my mom and brothers)
1 didnt even RSVP (hate.this!)

It will be fun. We are going to have pizza delivered, lots of girlie play and then dirt cups for dessert. Since I was copying the recipe I thought I would just post it for you guys too. It looks very easy and the kids will love them. I bought all the stuff to make them this weekend so we will make them tomorrow night to have ready for Fri evening. yay!

I'm a little nervous about picking all these kids up from school. I have plenty of room in my Pilot (3rd row seating) but its just the anxiety of actually getting them out of school. What if a parent forgets to write a note etc? (control freak, here) All of the girls are in the same class except the 1 sister who is older.....this one worries me the most.

Pudding Dirt Cups

This dirt dessert recipe is a great cooking activity for kids. Made with chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos and gummy worms, these pudding dirt cups are as fun for the kids to make, as they are tasty to eat.

Prep Time: 15 minutes
2 cups cold milk
1 4-serving size package instant chocolate pudding
8 oz. frozen whipped topping (such as Cool Whip), thawed
1-1/2 cups crushed sandwich cookies (such as Oreos)
20 gummy worms
Whisk together milk and instant pudding for two minutes, until pudding is completely dissolved and. Let stand 5 minutes to thicken.
Stir in frozen whipped topping and 1/2 cup of the crushed cookies.
Spoon into 10 cups.
Sprinkle remaining crushed cookies over the pudding mixture. Top with 2 gummy worms.
Chill until ready to serve.
Makes 10 servings.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tag I'm it (and I'm slow too)

A long, long, long time ago I was tagged to do this '8 thing' thing and......well, I'm lazy and have been busy. More of the lazy though but not today. Today I made time to do this! I was tagged by Denise, if you haven't been to her blog you must go. She makes me laugh with every post she writes. Thanks Denise!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. Going to Hershey Park
2. Finding new adventures to take M on this summer (our goal is to only go to new places)
3. Train Ride through the mountains in the fall
4. The ‘End of the Year Party/Sleepover’ this Friday
5. Mother’s Day….laying in bed all day and being pampered (a girl can dream, right?)
6. Having another baby (nope, not pregnant)
7. Going on a shopping spree (that’s what The Husband is giving me for Mother’s Day)
8. Seeing my baby’s face when we surprise her with the concert!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Got my haircut
2. Painted a table (future blog post)
3. Worked an hour more than normal
4. Laundry
5. Had sex (hey I’m running out of things here….it was a Monday and they aren’t very exciting)
6. Chatted on Facebook with a girl I used to work with and haven’t spoke to in years
7. Praised M for getting a 111% on a test. (She got all the bonus work too)
8. emailed someone back that I have been meaning to do for a week now (I am horrible at that!)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Get paid for not working. (Copying Denise on this one)
2. Work from home
3. Work part time (noticing a trend here?)
4. be psychic
5. Not stress about everything and relax
6. Take a nap everyday
7. Volunteer more at M’s school
8. Live in a perfect world (well, outside of my head….in there everything is perfect)

8 Shows I Watch:

2. Desperate Housewives
3. Jon and Kate plus 8
4. Nancy Grace
5. Oprah
6. Clean House
7. Moving Up
8. Grey's Anatomy

8 People I Tag:

Tag... you're it!
I am tagging everyone. More than likely everyone has already done this since it went around a gazillion years ago (yeah that lazy thing again)

Being Girlie

I got my haircut yesterday and I asked for bangs. She gave me bangs but now I don't like them. sigh. lol They aren't horrible but they are just kinda annoying. I typically have long bangs but wanted more this time since the long bangs just kinda blend into my other hair.

My hair needs to be dyed too.

Being a woman is such work. Well I guess all women aren't picky and dye their hair all the time. Ok, its just me. I am high maintenance. There I said it.

I got my ring back so all is right in the world again.

Have I told you that I have been wearing earrings lately? They make me feel sassy and all girly. I like it!

Hmmm. Cant think of any other random things right now. Actually I remember thinking this morning that I was going to blog about something but now I have no idea what it is.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Germaphobe, I am

Dear Miss Walmart Worker,
I know you may be sick and don't want to use your sick time. I understand that because I hate to use mine on actually being sick too. BUT I don't work with the public, I work with just a few people. It began when I noticed you coughing while waiting for the person in front of us to get through the line. I tried to not pay attention but by the time we reached the register you had already had a major coughing fit and I think I saw you wipe your nose on your shirt? Did I see that correctly? It bothered me. I started scouring the junk on the side of the aisle looking for some hand sanitizer. Didn't see any. Did all of the Swine Flu scared people purchase it all? I got the next best thing....vanilla flavored antibacterial hand lotion. Immediately after leaving the register I slathered lotion on myself and those 3 little people that were with us. The Husband didn't really want to smell like vanilla....he's boring like that. Back to you Miss Walmart Worker, so next time you get sick please stay home or even ask to be put somewhere other than a register. Hanging clothes in the woman's dept or even unlocking doors at the dressing room would be better than spraying your mucous all over my bags.

The Germaphobe

Sunday, May 03, 2009

10 things Tag!

Staci at Playing House tagged me for this fun little getting to know you better tag.

1. What is your current obsession?
Facebook....its still new to me but I'm getting a little bored already.

2. Which item of clothing do you wear most often?
black yoga pants.....I change into them often when I get home. That's the first thing I do is change my clothes into some comfy pants.

3. What's for dinner?
We aren't having dinner. lol We ate at my brother's cook-out around 2pm so its going to be a light evening since we aren't real hungry. M and The Husband just ate popcorn but I'm not hungry yet.

4. What are you listening to?
Drake and Josh. Drake is singing. (future post coming on this)

5. Say something about the one who tagged you.
Staci is so sweet. We have a lot in common and shes an easy person to connect with.

6. Favorite vacation spots?
I'm not a huge traveler. I like to go new places but haven't left the country yet....I do plan on doing this in the next few years. I would have to say Outer Banks, NC. I loved it before but now having M its so much fun to go to the beach, play mini golf and just have a carefree week of sun and fun.

7. What am I reading right now?
Welllll I was reading the 1st Twilight book but I just could not get into it. I don't know if its because I saw the movie first and feel like I know what is going to happen. Plus we have been very busy lately so my downtime gets used up on catching up in the Internet.

8. Four words to describe myself.
organized, sensitive, moody, naive

9. Guilty pleasure?
the Internet. Even though I could be making better use of my time I still love to check in on my various 'things' on the Internet.....message boards, blogs, facebook, email, etc

10. First spring thing to do?
Open my windows. I love to open the windows in the house and let some fresh air in after being closed all winter.

Now I am going to pass this onto some quiet followers to get to know them better. Typically these things go to the people you know best but I'm going to do the opposite this time.

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the new dining room table I told you about?

or how about the Easter cookies that I told you I would show you?

I thought there was more but I can't think of what it was.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. We are doing the Mother's Day thing this weekend. We spent a little time with Mother-in-law yesterday and will do the same with my mom today. I like to celebrate mothers day doing some things for me on the actual day. Our moms live 1 hr away in opposite directions so a visit turns into an all day event.

It's cold and rainy here STILL. ugh The 7 day forecast shows rain every single day. double ugh.

Saturday, May 02, 2009


I was given this Award by Mel if you haven't checked her out you should go do that....she's great and has such a fun spirit!

This award is called the "Splash" award and it was given to me for being "alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive and inspiring". Aww!

Now I pass this onto 5 blogs that I think are alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive and inspiring.

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Friday, May 01, 2009

Swine Flu, Swine Flu, Swine Flu

is that all you hear? It is for me. Its on the Internet, radio, tv....everywhere! So I had to do my part and blog about it so that you could hear about it here too.

Is it for real?
Are you scared?
Taking precautions?

This morning they confirmed that there has been 2 cases in my state but they arent in the same area. Actually to protect the peoples privacy they arent releasing where the people live so we just got a general western/northern region kind of location.

I guess I kind of feel like the boy who cried wolf. The media hypes so much up and we are exposed to so many outlets of media that its like a catastrophe every other day. Bird Flu, MRSA, lets not forget the whole Y2K thing. We were all supposed to die or some such nonsense. None of this ever amounted to anything.

On the other hand you dont want to be prepared.

And I guess the pigs were offended because we are not supposed to call it Swine Flue anymore. H1N1, I think. Poor piggies getting a bad rep.