Friday, September 26, 2008

Not enough money.....

I'm not sure who my 7 yr old has been talking to but she seems to think the Tooth Fairy should have gave her more money last night. *sigh* She has began to question the likes of the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny but there is no doubt in her mind that Santa is real. Yay, I love Santa and I want her to believe forever! Anyway back on yesterday on the way to daycare Sassy felt like her tooth was going to come out. While eating lunch at school a tatertot loosened it even more so off she went to the nurse. Sassy loved the cute little tooth necklace that she got from the nurse to safely hold her tooth. She talks funny now. And she slurps. Its her top front tooth, btw. We put the tooth in a baggie and place it under her pillow. She's off to sleep right away and the Tooth Fairy arrives to take the tooth and give her some moolah. Sassy wakes in the morning and I go in to check on her, she points to the dollar bill and I say 'Oh the Tooth Fairy came!' She said I wanted more than one dollar bill. sigh, kids these days!

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