Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Are you surprised on Christmas morning?

I am a picky person, I know this about myself. This is nothing new.

I always know all gifts that I am getting and sometime it sucks.
For my birthday The Husband gives me money and I always go buy new clothes. It's like my own little shopping spree and I enjoy the day.

This year for Christmas I am getting a ring wrap for my solitaire. I have wanted one for awhile and we found a deal that we couldn't pass up. I am also getting a few other things from him that I have picked out here and there.

I was talking to my mom on FB chat tonight and she asked me what color I liked best and gave me colors to chose from. I quickly said don't get me a Snuggie because The Husband already did. She said it wasn't a Snuggie but went on to tell me what it was!! I didn't want to know.


Miss J's Mom said...

Surprises are great, I agree. In college one of my friends was telling me for weeks and weeks before Christmas that he got me something great that I would love. He kept talking about it, and I was soooo looking forward to the surprise. I mean, that was THE thing I was going to open first on Christmas morning. It had to be truly awesome, right? It turned out to be an orange Reese's Peanut Butter cup t-shirt. Yeah, I like Reese's, but....considering the hype, I was a tad deflated.

So I guess it has to do a bit with expectations. If you expect to be surprised & then aren't, then it's a bummer. If you go into it thinking you know what you're getting, then the smallest additional little something might make your day.

Merry Christmas! The ring wrap sounds lovely.

~~Mel~~ said...

I was surprised last year on christmas...Dan spent a good chunk of change on an art peice for our living room...I was very disappointed because although I had given him ideas on what I liked this peice was nothing like anything I had pointed out. But he explained that him and Riley picked it out and since then I've come to love it.

But as a I'm not surprised...this year we've decided we are getting new bedding (riley is adamant that we both be surprised so we'll have to play it up lol).

Jen said...

I'm thinking I don't like to be surprised - unless, surprise! Here's something you mentioned ages ago & totally forgot about! The best gift hubby ever gave me was 5 paperback fiction books of different authors - I love to read & he knows my fav. authors & went to the bookstore & they helped him out. Loved it, and it was a total surprise.

Staci said...

I ALWAYS get money for Xmas and birthdays Love it, but it does suck not having anything to "open"! My Mom always bought us gifts, but the past 2 years she has opted to give money.... So no, no surprise here. I guess its good I get to live vicariously through the kids!

Anonymous said...

Haha thats one thing I hate about my mom and grandmother when it comes to Christmas. They tell you what they're getting you. UGH whats the point of giving me a gift if you're going to tell me what it is!

Together We Save said...

My mom usually susprises me but my husband and I usually get something for the house that we need. Never a susprise there. But really I don't care, I just want my kids to be susprised.