Monday, December 07, 2009

I can't wait to get my snuggie and randomness

brrrr its so cold! Its only 21* out and I hate being cold. I am sitting here with pajama pants on, long sleeve shirt, hoodie, socks, slippers and a blank wrapped around me. The heat was set on 73 but I just turned it up to 74. The Husband bought me a snuggie for xmas.....maybe I should try it out to make sure its comfy???

This weekend we had our first snowfall and we got about 6 inches. That's pretty impressive for us. We used to get blizzards but the past few years we rarely get measurable amounts.

The cat is still driving me effin crazy with the tree. Next year he may live in the basement for the month of December.

This weekend we had a date night (supposed to be all weekend but the snow ruined that) we shopped Fri night, went to dinner and to a movie. This is only the second adult movie we have been to in 6 years. lol It was nice.

Saturday was my dads birthday so the day contained quite a bit of crying and sadness. I was hoping shopping would occupy my mind but the snow postponed that trip and we stayed home all day.

We have a busy week ahead of us and our first holiday celebration takes place this coming weekend. From now until Xmas we have some type of get-together/event every weekend.

Oh and I finally found a book that I can read. (I get bored with most) She's come undone.....I am half way through it and actually making time to read. love it!


Jen said...

Hey we went shopping & to dinner Friday too! SO nice to leave the kids behind :) We had 6 inches of snow Saturday, completely messed with my plans for the day - hate that. Hope you have a great week :)

Together We Save said...

It is cold here too. I am already ready for spring.

Staci said...

I hate the cold and snow! No FUN! She's Come undone? I may have to check that out! I am sorry your plans got messed up and that Saturday was a not so happy day :(