Friday, December 18, 2009

Liquid Plumber--Foaming Snake

This is a product review but I'm not getting anything to do it.....just passing along some info.

Our upstairs bathroom sink has had a slow drain to it. Like when you brush your teeth the water would build up and take awhile to go down.

I tried baking soda and vinegar and that worked for a bit but it would always go back to being slow again.

I tried the Draino stuff and that did nothing.

Last week I bought this Foaming Snake stuff by Liquid Plumber and it worked great! Haven't had any problems since. So if you ever have a slow drain make sure to try this!

(just saw the commercial which reminded me to pass on the good product review)


~~Mel~~ said...

Thanks for the info! I love your disclaimer lol.

Staci said...

Good to know!

bala said...

Good One.

Mr. Speedy plumbing said...

Thanks for keeping me informed about the review of Liquid plumber--Foaming Snake. I think this would reduce my business.