Tuesday, November 03, 2009

27 days of Thankful (late to the party)

While catching up with blogs today I saw this great post about counting to Thanksgiving by saying what you were thankful for each day. A few things made me jump on this little party....

1. This place hasn't been the happiest since my lay off so its about time we bring some more sunshine back in here.

2. I will really enjoy counting my blessings and listing happy things.....you know positive thinking and stuff.

3. Hopefully it makes me blog more.

4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thanksgiving so it will be nice to have a countdown.

Ok lets get started.

(catching up by thinking back)
Day 1- I was thankful for having a wonderful holiday weekend with my family.

Day 2- We had cheer practice, which gave me a reason to be out of the house and socialize. I am thankful for getting to know a few moms better.....they are great girls and our friendships will go beyond cheer.

Day 3- I am VERY thankful for the rave review that M's teacher gave at the Parent/Teacher conference today. 3rd grade has been a huge adjustment in our house for many reasons. M is still doing well and is in the top Math and Reading groups but its just harder for her. The teacher reassured us that the transition from 2nd-3rd is hard for many because in 2nd they are babied and 3rd they are on their own......they have more responsibilities. That will help us so much to work with M on being more independent. She is such a great kid, in school and out!

Head over to Serenity Now and join in on the Happy thoughts!


Jen said...

Happy thoughts - love 'em! Need more of 'em! I'm not looking forward to 3rd grade, I've heard it's a tough transition, but never an explanation as to why - thanks for the warning :)

Love your Thanksgiving background!

~~Mel~~ said...

I'm anxious to meet with riley's teacher...but seems that he's doing okay going by the work he brings home.

I'm glad M is doing so well!