Friday, October 23, 2009

Still not enough hours in the day

When I lost my job, 1 1/2 months ago, I imagined having all the time in the world.......

I was going to have a spotless house
be able to participate in all kinds of bloggy things that I never had time for
work on all kinds of projects around the house
volunteer in M's classroom
keep up with reading blogs and my message boards

you get the point.
Yeah. Still no time.

Here is how my day goes now:

7:30-wake up after hitting snooze 2 times
8:05-walk M into school
8:15- home, back in PJ's, turn on Good Morning America and catch up on FB....maybe make something to eat
9:00- Regis and Kelly while looking around online for jobs
10:00- Dr Phil.....AND a few days this has been my nap time
11:00- get up and do SOMETHING because I feel bad that Ive been on the sofa since I dropped M off.
12:00- oh lunch time while watching the news and on FB to see if anything is new
1:00-maybe do laundry and actually send out the resumes to the jobs I scoped out earlier
2:00- misc
3:00-pick up M from school

this is a very typical day. I am sooooooooo much more disorganized now that I'm not working. I work much better when I have a routine and schedule. I even forgot the other day was a Spirit Day at school. I NEVER forget those kinds of things. I have a calendar with all my junk in it.....I don't even update that anymore.

Next week will be a new week and I will get back on track!


Jen said...

Oh dear, you're living the life I long for and yet fear! I'd probably spend all day blogging & then race around for an hour before the kids got home trying to catch up :) You'll get it together! It must have been hard to have your routine jerked out from under you, but I'm sure things will settle soon. Have a great weekend!

Staci said...

lol you are too funny! Friday both of my kids were at preschool for 3 glorious hours and Jason was working! I so layed on the couch and watched Greys & Private Practice!

Pam said...

I did the same thing when I was layed off at the beginning of the year. Only I would come back from school and sleep til noon. When I got a job after 6 weeks I really regretted not getting all those things done that I wanted to!