Friday, October 16, 2009

Yay Me, I won (and a BabyMama vent)

The oh so cute Ashley had a giveaway recently and I WON! Go over to her blog to see my prize.....I picked the Edward one, of course. I may wear it to the midnight showing of New Moon. (I am debating this)

On to the BabyMama. I'm sure you know this is the step kids mom. The oldest came here with a HORRIBLE cough that I knew nothing about. I asked The Husband if he knew and he said yeah. Nice. This kinda changes our weekend plans since we will be sitting out in the 30-40 degree temps tomorrow and had the day planned out around all of us attending the game.
*I* don't want her sitting out in the cold. He didn't think of that. He's a guy though so we will let it pass.

Now her mother, yeah she should know better.......this is the 2nd round of antibiotics because the cough wont go away. No one can tell me what she was diagnosed with just that she has a cough and is on Amoxicillin.

Again, why do I care? Both girls came here in FLIP FLOPS. Its 42 degrees out today. Cold, misty, dreary, cold, and a miserable day. FLIP FLOPS. Maybe she can wear those while she sits outside tomorrow morning. *rolling eyes*

Sometimes its hard being a step mom and dealing with stupidity.
(I will save the story of 4 kids in 1 room for another day......that was a big topic last weekend.)


~~Mel~~ said...

Ummm I put our sandals and flip flops away 2 weeks ago and no way in heck would Riley leave my house in anything less than a heavy fall jacket and socks and shoes...shame on babymama! No wonder the poor kid is so sick.

My guess is bronchitis is what she has. That's what they told me in the spring when I had a cough with no other symptom.

Make T stay home with her and continue on with your weekend plans!

Oh and congrats on being a winner.

Anonymous said...

Haha. I rolled my eyes when you said they came in flip flops! My step kids are always in some weird not-weather-appropriate clothing, so I feel ya.
I hope she isn't too sick and gets better soon!

Staci said...

woohoo! Glad ya won! What is up with the flip flops? I won't lie I wear them ALL the time, but my kids? No way no howw! I am old enough to be a fool, they are not lol! Hope she is better and that you had a rockin weekend!

Amber Page Writes said...

Oh my. I hope your weekend got better? Flip flops and 40 degree weather do not go. You have to wonder what people are thinking sometimes.