Friday, October 30, 2009

I love Holidays!

I am sooo excited for all that the weekend holds. I am probably just as excited, if not more, than the kids!

Tonight we will start off by going to a Haunted House at the local Fire Dept with a friend and her son. I hope noone gets too scared but I think it will be tame. Its part of the towns festivities, which are for kids, so it should be low key. M has been getting into spookier stuff (thanks daddy) and has asked about going to a Haunted House. I was so excited when my friend mentioned it so I could fulfill her wish of scary stuff.

We will continue on to trick or treating at the town's businesses. They shut down Main Street and most of the businesses give out candy. Its super fun and we have done it for years. Remember I live in Small Town, USA so this is also a chance for M to see her friends all dressed up since most people attend this event. They also have games and a costume contest. Fun!

Dinner tonight will be Mummy Dogs and Halloween not sure of what else I am making. I'm currently looking online for a spooky side dish. Dinner will be made and ready to be re-heated when we come home tonight.

All 3 girls should be here by 3pm so we have an hour to get all costumed up.

Tomorrow night will be more trick or treating around our neighborhood. Its kind of alot of ToT but my step daughters don't get to participate in holidays so when we have them we go all out. Last year was the first year they ever dressed up (because it was our weekend).....their mom doesn't allow Halloween or Santa etc. If you know me than you know this is so laughable since I LOVE HOLIDAYS! I already have the Christmas spirit popping through. I strive to make every holiday special and full of spirit!! (if you hadn't noticed by my backgrounds changing with each holiday) Oh and I am dressing up tomorrow night too!!


~~Mel~~ said...

Happy Halloween to you too missy! I love that you have that spirit and I think it's rubbing off on me lol.

Riley loved the haunted house at boo at the zoo...the most terrifying thing (in his words) everyone else screaming haha. Dan had to scream too since he's all about scaring the kid half to death (I made him go first and me and Riley followed).

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

I love this time of year!!! The kids make it so much fun, they are great ages. Happy Halloween!

Staci said...

Happy Halloween! I hope your weekend was awesome!! It sounds like you had tons of fun stuff to do!