Monday, June 22, 2009

100 calorie packs=HA! (and exercise)

Last week I told myself that I would exercise 3 times during the week. Tuesday I did the Wii Fit, after it told me I had gained 1.5 lbs in 6 days.....stupid thing! It rained most of the week but Thursday it was sunny so I planned a play/exercise date. My friend and her dd would meet M and I and they would ride bikes while we walked. Loaded up the bike, driving to the school and the friend calls asking if I could stop and get her a water I told her I was pulling in now. She then tells me how hot it is out....80, maybe 83 but there was a great breeze. She said maybe we could just sit in the shade and talk. Uh I was not happy! I told her that my promise of working out and that I was still going to. I know this may sound mean but she does crap like this all the time and I was just mad. I really dont know why we are still friends. Oh and she's like I have on jean shorts, I didnt really think we were going to walk. What part of 'do you want to walk while the girls ride their bikes' did you not understand? Come on. So she left to go to the store...I walked a lap while venting to The Husband on the phone, then jogged a lap, walked another lap and she finally made it back from the store. Geesh! So I was on lap 3 by the time she got back. She then walked 2 more laps with me and told me she had to sit down. Let me give you an important piece of background.....she brags about how she is such a runner, she loves to run, its all over her Facebook that she is a runner and into exercise. yeah.
Friday night after taking M to spend the night at my moms, The Husband walked 1 mile with me through our neighborhood. He really is my best friend. Sometimes it would be nice to have reliable girl friends too though. My friends suck and are very self absorbed.

Oh yeah those snack packs. I bought some yesterday while grocery shopping. Lemon Cakes....about the size if a tube of chapstick. I could eat the whole box. I dont think the 100 calorie packs will work out for me. lol

M starts going to the pool this week at daycare. They go 2 days a week and I think I am going to use those 2 days to exercise and give her a little more time at the pool. The way it is now is that she would only be there 1.5 hrs before I picked her up. I used to be so bad about the mommy guilt but Im ok with this and she loved the idea too. I already put a roast in the crockpot for dinner tonight so we can eat right when we get home.

I am a talker.


Anonymous said...

Haha. Those 100 calorie packs are awful! They're so yummy, but they're so small that you want another, and another, and another!

My husband is my best friend, too. Sucks to not have a girl friend though. :-/

Good luck with the working out! And congrats on sticking with your walk while your friend flaked!

Staci said...

I'm with you on the 100 calorie packs.... HA! I think I end up eating 1,000 calories!!!

I am glad you held your ground and did your laps!!! What is wrong with peeps?!?!? Really, why would you ask if your intentions were to sit and chat... duh?!?! lol

I wish you lived closer, you could hang with me and we'd be walking fools :)

My hubs is my bestie too! We've got good ones huh? :)

Enjoy your work out and I'll be over for dinner ;) roast is my fave and we have not had it in forevah!

Amber said...

Okay, I totally started reading this the other day, had it open in a tab for the entire day. At night I was playing um...Bejeweled Blitz! on Facebook, and in order to get faster, I closed all other tabs!! Ha!

I TOTALLY get you on the friends/exercise! My BFF is such a lagger on walking with me. I gave up on her b/c if we did walk, she'd only go two laps, then say she had to sit down for awhile. I'm super lucky to have my aunt to go walking with. And we keep the talk pretty positive--which is super good for me to b/c we tend to vent when we walk, lol.

Those 100 cal packs--love them, but I totally get that it's easy to overeat them!!

Jen said...

Good for you for following through with your plan, even though your friend stiffed you! What a great example for her and for your daughter. It's great that your hubby will walk with you, too.

I do wii fit as well, but sometimes I say mean things to the trainer under my breath. hee hee!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Oh those 100 calorie packs! They are like an invitation, to me, to eat many many packs ;)

I wish I had a girlfriend close by to exercise with too. Not many girlfriends, period, and it's hard. Good for you for continuing the exercise even though your friend flaked out.

Connie Weiss said...

I bought the little chocolate cake 100 calorie things from Little Debbie and I kept eating a couple of them at a time. I do the same dang thing with ice cream.

Have a great week...I hope you find a better friend to walk with!

~~Mel~~ said...

Your friend is lame...ditch her and come live by me! lol.

Lynn said...

Women suck! I have girl friends, but the older I get the choosier I get. Just make sure you find a couple that you can tell exactly what you think....nothing like telling the truth!