Thursday, June 18, 2009

What did your room look like as a child?

I have such fond memories of my room as a child. I had a white canopy bed with a peach canopy topper thingy and a peach dust ruffle. My comforter was rainbow but it was the coolest rainbow! It would start out with like orange and then the next stripe would be lighter and lighter until you got to a peach color. This went on with several colors. Maybe thats where my love of rainbows came from? I can almost still feel that comforter in my mind, very odd! As I got older I had the jelly bracelets interwined to make a chain and draped from post to post at the footboard.

Then I became a teen.

I had a waterbed that took up my whole freaking room. What were my parents thinking? I wouldnt allow M to have that crowded of a room. A teen doesnt need a king size bed anyway. I also had a white vanity, dresser, tv and big know the kind with the tall speakers. Then came the posters on the wall. Kirk Cameron and Madonna, with her mini skirt and lacy headband. Oh and the room was a very pale purple.

What was your room like as a child or teen?


Staci said...

As a little girl my room was pink and green. I had white furniture and it was oh so girly! I have to laugh because Madison's room is pink and green with white furniture and oh so girly :)

As a teen, EVERY square inch of my walls were covered in a collage of sorts of boys, sayings, posters, magazine verbage, stickers, notes, all around CRAP! I too had a king size water bed.... Seriously what was up with the parental units? My room looked like crapola! Oh and it was FILTHY too....

Mammatalk said...

Lots of polka dots and frills....straight thru until college. Oh, boy.

Xazmin said...

When I was a kid my sister and I shared a room in our unfinished basement.

We had 2x4's for walls, cement floors and a pull string light! but since our "room" was like 1/3 of the basement framed in, it was HUGE. We made it our own personal dance studio!

As a teenager my room was plastered with New Kids On The Block and Karl Malone! Yeah Baby!

Infarrantly Creative said...

I had a white heart pillow with my name embroidered on it. I also had a sweet 80s comforter with pale pastels. I had frilly drapers with eyelets.

~~Mel~~ said...

We moved around ALOT...but one room sticks out for me...I was about 14 and my mom let me and my friends paint my room...the base was white, but we sponge painted every colour under the sun...yellow, purple, blue, get the idea. Oh and I had a waterbed too...not a king size though! We actually broke it me and my friends one day when we skipped school, we piled too many of us onto it and it sprung a leak...oh good times!