Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun Stuff

As you know we decided to skip our yearly vacation to do semi local fun things that we have never done. Summer O' Fun is supposed to be about showing M new and exciting adeventures. Oh who am I kidding? I love road trips and this allows more of them. I was a little bummed out that June has started off with so much sadness and interrupted my plans.

We dusted off and jumped right into the weekend.....

First stop was going to the Parade that was near our house.
Then the debate was to go to the Carnival or do something else fun. The 2 step daughters arent big on rides....like they wont even ride the carousel, whereas M now has a little taste of 'big' rides and theres no going back to fake motorcycles that only goes 1 mph. Baby rides, as she calls them. See the dilemna? As a family we all came up with ideas of things we could do and then we voted on Carnival or no Carnival. I waited to vote until M did because I knew she would be out-voted (lol)....I know, favortism, whatever. I do disguise it! Anyway the final decision was no Carnival and we would go ride go-karts and do mini golf.

The 2 girls have never played mini golf and none of them had ever ridden go-karts. We tried to take M to this place before but she wasnt old enough to drive. We played mini golf, The Husband and M did the batting cage. I was scared to let M do this but I stifled my fears since she really wanted too. She did great!! Next up was the go-karts. Youngest girl is so short so she had to ride with The Husband....she was a little upset but it worked out. He wasnt even going fast and she wanted him to slow down. These 2 kids need to get out more!! The oldest girl was looking at me and not paying any attention when she pulled into stop and she wasnt slowing down.....she plowed right into the rest of the parked cars. We laughed about that for the rest of the day.

We all had a blast. I highly recommend go-karts. If you have young kids you can let them ride with you in a double car. I felt like such a kid doing it and I laughed so hard at these goofy girls driving. I would ride go-karts all day, every day if I could! lol Our day ended by stopping at Denny's (kid's pick) and getting Cosmic Cups and Alien Pancakes for dinner.

Next on the list is buying a tent to go camping. Stay tuned for some good stories. (I've never really camped, well I tried like 2 times but it rained each times and the tents like blew down or something crazy....it wasnt pleasant)


Schmoochiepoo said...

What is it with kids and Denny's?
Little J insisted that we have his birthday dinner there...cosmic cup and alien pancakes too!

Staci said...

Fun times!!!! Go Karts are soooo much fun! I hope the rest of your June is filled with fun loving memories!!! :) PS I love me a good road trip! I am hoping to come back down your way SOON!

Jodi said...

Sounds like a blast! Sometimes you have to have fun and relax and act like a kid! Enjoy summer

~~Mel~~ said...

We have a go-cart place right around the corner from us and have never been there...this may just be a great idea for when we are on holidays next month.

Denny's...we have one here and I've been and it was really good...but we went to one in Grand Forks and had THE worst experience ever...slow service and crappy food...and it was pricey...ugh.

Oh and Riley doesn't do rides well...some of the 'baby' ones he's even still scared of...yet he always wants to go and see them all. lol.

Kelli said...

Sound like too much fun. Good luck with camping.