Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My psychotic Facebook episode

I am now banned from taking FB quizzes. Whatever will I do with my spare time now? The Husband said No. More. Quizzes for me.

My friends send me so much junk on there.....drinks, watergun fights, pillow fights, cats/dogs/hearts, you know all that stuff that I mostly ignore. I do enjoy the quizzes though and most of the time I feel like they have some validity to them. Except I wont marry a cowboy and his name wont be Dan. Ohhh it did guess my kids first name correctly though! See!!

To the point....A friend sent a Tarot Card reading quiz. woohoo, lets see what this baby says.

It asks my mood so I answered based on work because I was kinda emotionless on anything else. I don't like my job most of the time. (The money keeps me here) OK finished the quiz and BAM.....the death card. HUH? Most people that know me know that's my worst fear. I think it comes from being traumatized by my dad dying when I was at a young age. OK I'm a little freaked out, eyes wide open. This is right before bed also. So The Husband, being his supportive self, laughs and says he will take it. I log out, he logs in, takes quiz and gets the fool card. Hmmm still not funny. I log back in and will answer the questions again based on semi different answers, I didn't change them all. BAM. death card again. OK, its realllllly not funny at this point. I took a NyQuil to help me sleep because I knew I would think all night. So, yeah, a FB quiz may or may not have made me cry for a second last night. ;) That's some serious stuff! I just try to keep reminding myself that I'm not married to a cowboy named Dan, like it said, so I wont die soon either.

sigh. Cant anything be enjoyable these days?


Skyehaven said...

I read Tarot and please let me reassure you. The Death card typically doesn't mean literal death. If you went into a Tarot reading asking a specific question about someone's health, then it might mean actual death, but generally speaking it's about change, passage, transition. A moving on from what was before to something new. It can even indicate a positive change is headed your way!

The problem with a quiz like that is that it gives you only one card and no context. By answering self-selected quiz questions with no over-all question in mind, whatever meaning or value a real reading would have is completely lost.

Don't despair! Even if this card is an accurate representation of where you are now emotionally, you can only go up from here!

That Girl said...

Thank you! That helps alot. I know its just a silly facebook quiz but it bothered me to get that 2 times in a row.

~~Mel~~ said...

Those quizzes are just for fun silly girl!!! Even though I really am going to marry a Dan (someday lol) son is not named Jed...though i did date a guy named Jed once...

Oh right...back to you...don't let it bother you hun. What the previous commentor said is likely true!

Denise said...

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I LOVE quizzes, but I think I'd be a tad freaked out at the death card twice in a row myself. LOL

Lisha said...

Oh those quizzes. I am very selective on the ones I take b/c I could be there all day and most of the time I get the dumbest results!! The one about how many kids will you have. I got 3 girls and I have a boy and a girl. Why did I bother??