Monday, August 10, 2009

The condensed version-part 2

continuation of updates........

I met up with an old friend (we reconnected on FB) and spent the day at the park chatting while our kids played. That was really nice!

The Husband and I had an alone weekend. No!! It was very nice. We didn't do a whole lot but that was the point. We helped a friend move. We don't get to hang out with this group of friends much so it was nice to spend the morning catching up with them. We came home, took a nap, and got ready to go out. We followed the "do things we haven't done before-Summer O'Fun " and went to a restaurant we have never been to but have heard lots about it. It was a bit pricey but now we can say that we have been there. (it wasn't anything special, don't you hate that!?!) Then we went to rent a movie. Going in I said that we would get something we both liked.......we walked out with Bride Wars. lol There just wasn't anything good there.

Ohhhhhh I got complimented majorly by the clerk at the video store. Either that or she hit on me. Not sure.
Here's the recap.......
Clerk: whats your birth date?
Me: gives it to her
Clerk: No way, are you serious? You cant be that old.
Me: uh yep, sure am. (she was like 18)
Clerk: well you are doing something right because you look great
Me: thanks! (starting to get a little embarrassed)
Clerk: *turning to other clerk* do you believe she is that old? *she looks at me again* its no wonder he doesn't let you out alone *turns to The Husband

*she continues talking and everything is becoming a blur at this point. I remember her saying something about me looking good and somebody may want to 'break a piece off of that' or something. I'm assuming she meant I was a sex object? lol

So that bring us to last weekend. (I feel like Ive missed alot of stuff but I cant remember anything, ugh)
Last Friday I took the day off and so did my mom. She picked up my niece and we took the girls to Luray Caverns. It was so much fun!! I highly suggest it to anyone who has something similar nearby. I hadn't been since I was a kid so I didn't remember it at all. They give you headphones and a little screen thingy to wear on your neck. It is a self guided tour, when you reach a sign you punch in the number from the sign and it tells you about that area. Miss M got a little bored towards the end but my 6 yr old niece LOVED it. She loved punching in her own numbers and loved learning all about the formations. They have an adult tour and kids tour, you punch in which tour you want. The kids tour described everything in a Indiana Jones kinda voice. So fun!We left there, had lunch and then headed to the pool. It was too cold for me to get in so my mom and I just laid out and talked while watching the girls. There were a few boys there that M goes to school with. All I have to say is I may need to medicate myself soon. 8yr old boys should not look at my baby, tell her to watch them and try to impress her by going off the high dive. (yes, I know I am being ridiculous!!)My mom went home after the pool and my niece spent the night with us. She always asks but we are busy doing this or that so it never works out. This time I made sure to make time!! The Husband picked up his girls for the weekend so we had 4 giggling girls running around. They had a sleepover on the floor and thought they were the coolest. The next day we headed to my mom's (hour away) and spent the day swimming in her pool. Again too cold for me to swim but I did get in the water for a minute. Later in the evening we went to a Festival where the girls did pony rides and had yummy ice cream. Fun was had by all but you could tell they were exhausted. Me too! We took my niece back to my brother and spent a little time with him before heading home. I think we ALL went to bed at 9pm.

Moral of the story: I can't tell a SHORT story and should blog more often so that you aren't falling asleep at my 100 page posts.


Staci said...

what's up with it being too cold to swim and now its MELTING hot!!!! Glad your summer has been fun!!! How CREEPY with the chic at video land! I would be flattered, but grossed out at the same time lol! :)

Lisha said...

I can't condense either. So join the club lol. We love Luray Caverns. My hubby takes his 4th grade class there every year. My 6 year old also loves it but my 3 year old didn't. She just didn't get it! I can't wait till Syd is old enough for a sleepover! How fun! And you should be standing taller after such wonderful compliments!! Shine girl SHINE :)

Anonymous said...

nice blog!

~~Mel~~ said...

I love reading about your Summer O' yes you do need to blog more often so I don't miss out on any details! lol.

Oh I'm glad you clarified about the pool...I thought I was going crazy..I distinctly remember seeing pics on FB of you in the pool.

Anonymous said...

Lol. While I think its nice when people compliment, some people just get weird about it. But good for you! :)
I cant tell a short story either!
And I'm so jealous you had a weekend without kids... Still waiting on one of those!

Anonymous said...

That is so bizarre about that cashier girl??