Monday, August 24, 2009

Twas the night before school

In the morning I will have an official 3rd grader. THIRD GRADE. That's like almost middle school. She will be on the top level of the school, moving closer out the door. She's starting to like boys and some of her friends are wearing bra's. My baby loves music and can wiggle her little hips quite well. She loves to listen to Taylor Swift and sing as loud as she can. She starts cheerleading next week and is soooo excited to do it.
My baby. sigh.
She is so grown in many ways but still my baby too.
We talk about anything and everything. I love that she talks to me and I always encourage it. I hate that she is away from me for so many hours a day so I like to get all the gossip when I finally see her.
Tonight we prepared all of her stuff for the 1st day of school so it will be ready in the morning. Book bag is ready, shoes by the door, clothes picked out and hairstyle has been thought of.
Oh wait, she said, she remembered that we always read Twas the night before Kindergarten every year on the night before school starts. Every year I change the grade to the grade she will be entering on the next day. It really touched my heart that she remembered this and its such a fond memory of hers. In the book the parents cry but the kids don't. She said but mom you never do that......oh sweet child, I have every year and I'm sure I will tomorrow too. I just hide it well. (I didn't tell her this....I told her I was proud of her and knew what a big girl she was and that she would be fine)
3rd grade is so old.


Staci said...

:( I am so sad to see summer come to a close... I bet it seems like yesterday M was just an infant!!! These years are goin by so fast! I hope M has a great day at school!!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I have a third grader this year, too! How in the world does this happen???

Jennifer said...

That is so sweet about the book! Hope she has a great first day!!

Reluctant Housewife said...

It is so sweet that she remembers the tradition of reading that book and that she still wants to do it.

My dad always read T'was the Night Before Christmas to us on Christmas Eve and now we make him read it to our kids. :) Poor dad!

Anonymous said...

Aw thats adorable that she still wants you to read that book with her. :)

Tanielle said...

I'm having a super hard time with My 5 year old starting Kindergarten today!! They grow up so fast!!!

Did you ever get your package from the Christmas in July giveaway? I sent it a couple of weeks ago.

Have a good day!

Jodi said...

Cute post! They grow so fast! Like your layout!

~~Mel~~ said...

I'm very sad to see both M and R go into 3rd grade...seems like just yesterday I was holding his little hand and sending him off to kindergarten...I think 8 year olds are way more tweenish than they were back in the day and that scares the hell out of me!

Glad M had such a great 1st day...I hope she has a great 2nd day too.