Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's that time....

back to school time, that is.

Miss M has started the moaning and groaning about how school is boring. She will be entering the 3rd grade in just a few short days. Well once we went on a four hour long shopping spree where everything was all about her.......her attitude changed. She isn't allowed to use or wear any of her new things until she starts school. Now she cant wait. lol

I was a little shocked at her taste this year. She will be 8 yrs old in the next few weeks. That may seem young but really in this day and time that is like being 12. She is turning into such a little teen. Long gone are the days of princess stuff and I accept that. You can only take so much princess stuff! She was still a girlie girl though and I commented the other day how 1/2 of her shirts were pink. She would never wear black, ever. That is until this school year apparently.......
Let's take a visual tour of our shopping spree:

First was this skirt along with a pink shirt that has little rhinestones in the shape of a flower (I think its a flower) on it. (cant find a pic online of the shirt) The outfit is cute together!
OK so not too bad.

This next one was a shocker to me but she loved it so I obliged. The skull eyes has hearts and stars and she loves the scarf.

Lets move on to some shoes, shall we. These are called Twinkle Toes because they have rhinestones on the toe area. Apparently they are all the rage. I had never heard of them. Are you noticing a trend yet?

Lastly lets enter the name brand part of shopping. She has thrown around the words Aeropostale and Hollister in the past few weeks. I guess she got that from the older girls at daycare.
Hmm Aero wont let me copy their pics or upload from the web to blogger.
A green shirt:
and this is what she chose as her bookbag. She saw someone else have one last year and wanted this type. I made her look in all the other stores and Aero was our last stop.......she still liked this one. This isn't her exact bag.....I don't see it on the website. Hers is white and has a very light blue flower on it.
I picked myself up an Aero shirt too. They were on sale and super soft. She also got some pants and corduroys at Old Navy and other things but they arent anything out of the ordinary. So now you know what my 'baby girl' will be sporting for the 3rd grade!


Jennifer said...

I've got a 5th grader, same thing in her closet. She dresses better than me. :)

Jennifer said...

I've got a 5th grader, same thing in her closet. She dresses better than me. :)

~~Mel~~ said...

Wow she's got some great fashion sense already! Love everything she got...I guess that's the difference between boys and name brand stuff here...yet anyway lol.

Anonymous said...

Heehee. She's got cute style. Skulls are in with kids now, mom, its the whole emo scene.

Foursons said...

I had to come see if you posted pictures of her first day of school outfit. I LOVE it! She's quite the fashionista!