Monday, August 10, 2009

The condensed version-Part 1

Is anyone still out there?
I feel like I havent posted anything exciting in a long time. I am going to do that all in one post. I always mean to update but I never actually get around to it. Last week I think I realized why I have been so slack on my blog lately. I talk to some of you off of blog land so you already hear enough of my life. lol I talk to Mel all day long, almost everyday and I chat with Staci on Facebook and email plus I keep up with a few others on facebook through status updates. Hmmm this is telling me that Facebook is the problem!! It replaced my blogging time......

Summer O' Fun has definetly been fun, yet exhausting. I think I will stick with the beach next year. We have done cool things every weekend which has left little time for normal know like cleaning and organizing. Sooooo as you may have noticed I havent kept you updated lately.

In the past few weeks we have:
Tried out our new tent. (Note to self: camping stuff goes on sale because we paid more than that for it) It is so spacious! We camped in our backyard since it was our first time. This was kinda spur of the moment....more like umm honey the summer is almost over so we need to do this. After dinner we went outside and did our fire, roasted marshmallows, the kids ran around catching lightening bugs, and we just sat and relaxed around the fire. Honestly this was my favorite part. Just being outside with no distractions! I dont know about you but its so easily for me to get distracted or not make the time to do the relaxing stuff, so this was nice. We will be doing alot more fires! Back to the tent, The Husband and I slept on an air mattress and each of the 3 girls had sleeping bags. The clever Mel told me to get some glow sticks so we had them for the girls to play with and then at bedtime we hung them from the ceiling to have some light inside the tent. The girls slept all night long. I was honestly amazed. The Husband and I? Not so much! We dont live on a real busy road but some fast and the furious car decided to go past our house at 3:30am with their loud mufflers (or whatever it is) and that woke us up. Plus it was freezing. I was going to go in to get the keys and found out The Husband didnt lock the door. Uh, *I* am not going in there after the house has been unlocked for hours. So I stayed outside alone while he went in to get me some pants and a hoodie. We had a nice time and will do it again before the summer is over.

(this is starting to not be condensed so I will continue tomorrow)


Jennifer said...

I've had my share of back yard camping. The glow sticks are a great idea! I'll have to try that!

Staci said...

lol! You crack me up! Great idea Mel, I will have to remeber that one!

~~Mel~~ said...

You mentioned *me* in your blog...I feel so special!

Glad you loved camping out...maybe next time you'll try it at a real steps...I maybe plan that for next year!

Lisha said...

Camping with the family is always tons of fun!! Even when you don't sleep right. I use a friend's air bed when we go and I take a fan so I can drown out the noises or I can't sleep either! We also use glow sticks! Glad to see you are kicking up your feet and staying distracted by the wonderful things in life :)