Friday, September 18, 2009

Busy Weekend ahead!

Today I am cleaning....ok well right now I am watching The View because Kate (J+K+8) is on....but there is cleaning going on today.

Day 2 of Unemployment is going better than Day 1. Yesterday it kinda hit me that this was for real. The control freak in me really didn't like that. So I cried. What else is there to do? :)

So the stepkids come over today then in the morning M's first game is at 11:30 so we need to be ready to leave by 11am. I am soooo excited to see her cheer tomorrow. We should be home by 1pm, luckily, because her party starts at 1:30pm. You know the party that STILL only 1 person RSVPed too. We wont even talk about that though. I am sad for her and pissed off at the stupid parents. RSVP means say yes or no, either way. Idiots. This is like 5 different parents. U-G-H.

Ok back on at 1:30, leave for movies that start at 2:20. Take stepkids home so they can go to church Sunday am. Sunday we will pick them up from church on our way to a family cookout/get together that is an hour away.


~~Mel~~ said...

You are a busy busy girl! I hope M had a great time at cheer and that she has a blast at her party too!

Staci said...

You and I were on the same page Friday and Saturday! I was a cleaning freak Friday and Saturday we were at soccer! Hope the party went well and that some girls were there!!!! Nothing annoys me more than non RSVP-ers.... I will be passing Ants Invites out hopefully Tuesday and they better RSVP or you will be reading multiple blogs posts about it! Glad day 2 was better! Hugs!

jewelstreet said...

Oh, I hope people showed up to the party! I'm sure they did. I think people have forgotten how to RSVP. My kid hardly ever has anyone RSVP, but lots always show up so I always have to plan for everyone she's invited.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a great weekend!