Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Party Update

I know you guys are just on the edge of your seats waiting to hear how the party went. I planned to write this yesterday but the days are getting away from me.

Ok so when we left off it was only Ava coming. The original plans were for the party to just be M's friends and no cousins/sisters/family....just a few friends and mommy and daddy. Well when we saw only Ava was coming we decided that the stepkids would go also. That involved some planning with their mom and switching things around. Ok done.

Until Friday night at 9pm when Brandi and Tanya (sisters) mom calls and says they will be coming. She had told me earlier that she wasn't sure because they had alot of stuff going on that day. Didn't expect her to wait until the last minute, I assumed they weren't coming. Ok, not happy because it just messed up stuff and now we would have to take 2 cars because the stepkids had to go home right after the movie. I got over it because these are M's BFF's and we would make it work.

I order tickets online that night....afterall there is only a few short hours until the party begins. It was opening weekend and I didn't know if it would sell out. We never go to movies right when they come out so I wanted to make sure we got in.

Great, done.

Get up Sat am and get ready for M's first time cheering. 3 kids up, fed, dressed, hair pretty and out the door at 11am but wait......I have a missed call on my phone that I notice as we are walking out the door. (note my new cell doesn't ring loud enough for me!) I listen to the message and its Hannah's mom saying that Hannah couldn't decide if she wanted to come to the party or not and she just decided that morning that she wanted to. OH REALLY? I was not happy. I also know that Hannah was only coming because Tonya decided to come (these 2 are drama-ish mean girls that I don't really like but tolerate).....so I am ranting and raving on the way to the game. I was Team Mom at the game which means I had to take all the little girls to the bathroom if they had to go....so again preoccupied. Let's not forget The Husband and 2 step kids that I am trying to enjoy the game with while being proud of my shy baby cheering!

Hannah's mom had called again. I tell The Husband that I need to call this woman back so she doesn't bother me. He said not to worry about it that I am busy etc. We get home at 1pm and kids are to arrive at 1:30. 1:40 and the sisters get here. Movie starts at 2:20 and we have a 20 min drive.

Ok we are waiting for Ava. Car pulls up and we are ready to leave. Oh wait, its not Ava....its HANNAH! WTF? I was not in the mood for this and these people were kinda ruining my day. So I had to be a Witch. I go out and I'm like uh hi. The father says blah blah the mother had called several times and I corrected him by saying she called 2 times that morning (she was right there in the car) and we were at Cheer. I told him that since they didn't RSVP I didn't have a ticket for Hannah. He asks if he can give me money for her ticket. Smoke is coming out my ears at this point because this family is acting so entitled......the kid decides hours before the party and the dad wants to buy her in while the mother is sitting in the car just staring at me through the window? UGH. It was not about the money. I told him I didn't know if it was sold out and I couldn't risk taking her and not getting her in. It was a very awkward confrontation and I was glad to see Ava's mom pull up. I went to get stuff from her and she saw what was going on. She kept telling me not to feel bad because they didn't RSVP......the kid is right in the car and I'm sure she thinks this is all MY fault she isn't going.

This is long enough.....they gave me a card and said they would just go. We got to the movies right as the previews were ending so we didn't miss anything. M got to pick where she wanted (up front, blah) and had a good time. I cried during the movie because I was emotionally exhausted. Got home, kids played, opened gifts, felt bad that Hannah gave a $20 gift card.....furious these parents put me in this position. Kids left, Ava stayed for dinner and left at 7pm.............best of all.............

M told me at the end of the day that I was the best mommy in the world.
(I still feel bad though)


Staci said...

I have been wondering how it went! Non RSVP'ers are RUDE!!!! Grrrrr! You did the right thing. I won't lie though I would have been pooing my pants with teh whole "confrontation" SRSLY! Why can people not RSVP nd who allows their kid to decide the DAY OF a party if they wanna go or not! GRRRR! Glad M had a great time and YOU are one of the best mommies! (I am one of the others... NOT! lol)

Jennifer said...

That sounds like a fun birthday!
Don't you love it when they tell you that you're the best mommy and appreciate all that you do :) Sweet!! Hope you have a great day!

That Girl said...

Staci-you are in the best mommy club too! Your kids are lucky.....your love for them shines all the time.

~~Mel~~ said...

Hey I wanna join the best mommy club :)

Kel bell, you did exactly as I would have done...I too hate confrontation but these ppl need to know that they can't decide the day of a party whether their daughter is going (or let the child decide).

So did M have a great time cheering even though she was shy?

And how was the movie??? We never did go last weekend....my mom may take Riley tonight.