Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It's a par-tay!

all month of September will be filled with lots and lots of birthday parties. Sounds exciting huh? Not really, its actually kind of draining.

4- The Husband
6- M
8- stepfather
15-grandfather....this will be the first birthday since he died so I wanna try to be with my mom
16- M's aunt
18-my friend
19-another friends husband
23-mine and my aunt got married on my birthday so its also their anniv.
30-another friend
you get the point! Its a good thing I wont have a job in 9 more days! ;) (I laugh now but may cry later)

So there you go, that's the reason for the Happy birthday background. I know you were wondering. lol


Jennifer said...

You are going to have a very busy {and broke} September!

Jen said...

Enjoy it all :) We have quite a few birthdays here in the next 2 months - too much cake!

Anonymous said...

Goodness! I thought having my dad's (21st), my stepmom's (23rd), my aunt's (25th), and my husband's (30th) in September was bad! Wow!

YKDWhat? said...

September is a busy month in our family too! jeash with all of these birthdays - December must be a great time of the year!

Staci said...

Busy busy busy! I really don't have a big month of birthdays.... Thankfully! I would be BROKE! March is my busiest and there are only 3!

Lisha said...


Lisha said...


~~Mel~~ said...

The only September birthday we have is my cousin's (Sept 2)...and I quite like it that way.

I hope M has a great birthday weekend!