Thursday, July 02, 2009

Do something nice and unexpected today

Let someone know that you are thinking of will make them feel all warm and fuzzy.

I did this yesterday and I felt good about it and I know the person did too.

I know a family that has been through so much and constantly get stuff thrown at them. They used to be my neighbors where I lived in my previous life (with the ex husband) and I became close with the whole family. They used to be really strict Mennonites, no TV and all that but then the father cheated, left the mother with everything and didn't see the kids anymore.

The oldest boy has issues, he's like 35 and still lives at home--no girlfriend, really doesn't like to work much--just a bum.

Then the middle boy was a pretty good boy.....until he decided to race his motorcycle going 100+. He has brain damage. For the past 7 years he has been at home, his mom takes care of him, he cant be left alone because he cant walk, he acts and talks like he is 2 yrs old. They did finally potty train him last year so she doesn't have to change his diapers very much anymore. The mother's life was forever changed from the moment her son decided to have a little fun and be careless.

Last but not least, the girl. When she was born she had to have a shunt put into her head to drain the fluid from her brain....or something like that, I suck at medical stuff. A few years ago she had to have her shunt changed. This involved shaving her head and some pretty graphic stuff. I was there for the procedure and was amazed what they can do without actually doing surgery. Fast forward and the girl had a kid by her boyfriend of many years. He's a uninvolved jerk. Then she married her first love and had a baby with him. He's a bit controlling so they don't have the greatest marriage. She then starts having seizures. They get worse and worse. She has these 2 kids at home so its kinda like she cant be left home alone with the kids now. Everyone joked that it was the stress of her marriage that is making her have seizures until this week when she was put in the hospital for testing. They took her off all meds and made her seize over and over to try to pinpoint what is making them happen. They ruled out stress because its not the right part of the brain or something. Now they are thinking they have to go in and do brain surgery. This could be very risky and scary. Her kids are 5 and 3yrs old.

All that to say.......I texted the mom yesterday, out of the blue, and said 'you are a great mom'. She was so touched and wondered why I was saying this to her. It made her feel good and it made me feel good that she felt that way. This lady would do anything for anybody and its never her turn to

Touch someone, tell them how you feel, just say it. I plan on doing this once a week to random people.


Staci said...

your such a sweetie pie! And so very right! It is the small things we do that can be big things for someone else!!

Schmoochiepoo said...

What a great idea!

It was very sweet of you to text your friend. I bet it made her day. :)

Lisha said...

that is so great! I am giong to do this cuz I need to. I sometimes go through life so quickly I don't take the time to thank the people around me or tell them how special they are! Great idea!

~~Mel~~ said...

Awww there really is a mushy gushy side to you! lol.

You were so sweet to text the mom...what a hard life for all concerned.