Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hum the Cops theme song.....

remember the yard sale we were to have last weekend? We did and it went well. We got up at 5am and had everything ready to go by 7am. I got rid of probably 2/3's of my stuff and was happy with the money I made. My mom didnt do as well but kids stuff always sells the best so that helped me. We stopped around 1pm and took the rest of the stuff to the Salvation Army. Right as we were getting back home it started pouring down rain. We timed that perfectly.

Are you wondering why you have the Cops theme song in your head? Because the cops came to our house yesterday. ha! The Husband wasnt thrilled that he had to deal with it. Apparently (I say that word alot) you have to have a permit to have a yard sale in our town. I have no idea how they knew. We had signs up but we took them down and they didnt have our full address on them anyway. Its driving The Husband crazy wondering how they knew. I just laugh. We got off with a warning and were told we are only allowed to have 2 yard sales per year. Oh and they gave us the rules and regulations sheet for our town. lol I am glad they didnt 'bust' our yard sale. How embarrassing would that have been. I wouldnt be laughing then. :)

Such criminals we are.


Amber said...

You seriously have to have a PERMIT to have a yard sale!? Where do you live?? That would be a full time job for the cops here in Fresno. There's people that literally set up yard sales out of their car on the side of the street. Now THAT should be illegal.

Gosh, Fresno really is ghetto. lol

missy said...

oh my gosh.....that is crazy!!!!!!
i assume{i say that word alot} they are afraid you are going to make some tax free money that they are not going to get a piece of!!!!!!
glad you had a good turn out!!!!!!!
and yes......now i will be humming that song all nite!!!!

That Girl said...

Amber, we live in small town VA.

Missy, lol sorry about the song. Thanks for stopping by!

Staci said...

OMG! YOu have GOT to be kidding! LOL!!!! That is cracking me UP! Glad you there was not a sting operation in effect! My question... Who snitched?

bad boys bad boys..... Whatcha gonna do?!

That Girl said...

Staci, lmao at the sting operation. My thoughts exactly!

we have no idea who would have told or how they would have known we didnt have this permit thingy. We were missing 1 sign when we took them down but like I said it didnt have our full addy on it. We didnt have people parking in our neighbors driveways, just along the road. I just dont know. Maybe an undercover cop was THERE!!! lol

Staci said...

lol :)

June Freaking Cleaver said...

Remind me not to move to Crazytown with you! That's just nuts! Perhaps they'd like it better if everyone just put all their leftover junk in their yards?

Oh, I bet they have an ordinance for that, too.

I'm betting a nosy neighbor ratted you out. You know the type - never happy, ever. No.matter.what.

~~Mel~~ said...

A permit??? seriously???

That is so weird!