Friday, July 10, 2009

Wanna buy some junk?

Yard sales always seem like a good idea until its actually time to do them. Once it comes down to it.....there is no fun in actually setting up the junk or gathering all of it afterwards to take it to the Salvation Army. I don't mind the money part. I have made hundreds before doing this.....which is why I continue. I don't mind the sitting outside all day or dealing with the people. It's just the prep and tear down. If only I had a magical wand.

So tomorrow we will get up at 5am (ha, ugh) to be up and ready by 7am, when it starts. My mom is joining us so she will come tonight and spend the night since she lives an hour away. We have tons of stuff to set out, we have to put up signs around town and I don't have everything priced yet so we will do that as we set up.

M is sooo excited to be more involved this year. The Husband mentioned her having a lemonade stand and she has been looking forward to it for months. She is also going to sell cookies.....we made them last night and put into baggies. I made her come up with the prices, within reason. She wanted to charge $1 PER cookie or cup of lemonade. ha! I explained that people may think that was expensive and not buy so she had to think about that. She settled on 50 cents for a baggie of 3 cookies and 50 cents for a cup of lemonade.
She made her own sign with the prices. lol
It said:
Lemonade 50 cents
Sugar Cookies 50 cents
Both $1 (like they are getting a deal here, lol)

I'm proud of her and really enjoyed helping her plan this. I think it will make the yard sale worth it. She is going to have her own little table and do her own money. SUCH a big girl!


Staci said...

have fun!!! I can't wait for the outcome! Tell M its all about the marketing! lol If you make them think their getting a deal they'll take it! lol!!

~~Mel~~ said...

I"ll be thinking of you and will most definitely sleep in for you on Saturday lol.

BTW, love your's soo fun!!!!

Lisha said...

Hope you make some big bucks for all the trouble you go through. I need to have one too, but dread it! lol. It sounds like your daughter will LOVE owning her own little "shop" Enjoy the day!! :)

Jen said...

I hope you had a successful sale yesterday! Ours in April was kind of a dud. And I swear the stuff that was left sat in the garage for the next 5 weeks - the stuff that I didn't cart out to goodwill right away, but didn't want to bring back in the house!

I tagged you, come by to play if you have the time :)