Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bachelor Time

Lots of steaminess last night. Do you really think they all 'get intimate' with Jason? How would you feel if you were the one chosen and then had to watch this and see that he slept with the other girls too?

OK, we all know I didn't like her but I did feel bad for her last night. She really wanted to be loved. I thought her dress was really cute too.

I don't know how I feel about her. I like her a little but just don't feel like she is the one. She is cute and spunky but its just something about her.

I honestly thought he was going to get rid of her because of not meeting her parents. It has been talked about so much, it seemed inevitable. I was happy to see her stay. When she told Jason she loved him was what kinda sealed the deal, I think. Did you notice that at the end when he was talking about them meeting his son and family that he kept looking at Melissa? He didn't turn to Molly until the very end. I didn't imagine that, right?

Next week is the Tell All show. I always think they are funny. But I cant wait for 2 weeks to see the girls meet his son, family and the Bachelorette comes back. Poor guy is crying by the end of that show.


Anonymous said...

I totally think he's picking DeAnna!!!!!!!!

~~Mel~~ said...

I totally agree with Jen! He's got to do something crazy like that...I can't stand Molly and Melissa reminds him too much of his ex.

And nope never in a million years could I do that show...knowing he sleeps with all 3 in the final 3...I'm too jealous for that!