Friday, February 27, 2009

Six Degrees

I live in a fairly small area and it seems that everyone is connected somehow. My co-worker lives right across the street from my step-daughters. Now they live 45 mins away from us so we aren't even talking the same town. Anyway this morning I came in to work and before I even got my computer on my coworker said I read about J & J's (step dd's) grandfather dying. Huh, what? Its 7am, I'm still asleep so don't just throw that out there. I immediately think that something happened on their mom's side of the family. So I go online to look at the obituary and its my step-daughters step-father's father. (holy moly, can you say blended?)
I call The Husband, just because I wanted to share the gossip. He didn't answer because he was working. So I just forgot about it and continued working.
Fast forward to 8:30am and my mom calls me to tell me. Apparently she reads the obituaries online in my newspaper? She lives an hour north of me, whereas these people are almost an hour south. I didn't even know she knew the girls mother's married name to be able to recognize when their family dies. Interesting!

After writing this, it probably has more to do with nosey people. I don't think many normal people read the obituaries for the 10 surrounding counties.

I also realized that we should never attempt to make a family tree.

I just made a whole post about someone I don't know that died. I'm a weirdo!


Xazmin said...

Weird is good! My dad is obsessed with the obituaries! He has them set as his home page! (because that's all he ever uses the internet for - he's old school!)

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Anonymous said...

You're not weird at all! I'd be the same way!

That Girl said...

LMAO at having the obits as your home page. That will make me laugh for the rest of the day.

~~Mel~~ said...

I never read the obits...but do know lots of ppl that do every single day.

BTW...WEIRDO!!! Actually that can't be my pet name for you...because it's Dan's lol.

Staci said...

lol! That's one thing I miss about living in the city.... being unknown!

Anonymous said...

haha i can sooo relate! :)