Monday, February 09, 2009

See that sparkly thing?

That's my Coolest Mom Crown. Isn't it beautiful? I like it but I'm sure I wont get to keep it long so I will brag about it while I have it.

To receive this award I did the following:

*Drew with the girls on our driveway. Sidewalk chalk rules!

*Made a hopscotch for them to do

*Let them play outside, riding bikes and scooters

*took them for a walk

*Made homemade strawberry muffins and blueberry pancakes

*Took 2 of them to my soccer game to watch my UNDEFEATED team. (One played, one watched)

*Let them play my Wii-Fit all freakin weekend. (I barely got to get on it)

*went to a College basketball game, along with 576 million other people

*went to McDonalds (lol)

*Had deep conversations with them! (yikes! M wanted everyone to tell what they need from the other family no yelling, being rude etc. Then my oldest stepdaughter wanted to talk about being homeschooled and the lies that their mom has told them are slowly coming back to her but I wont go into that....)

Hmmm I know I did lots of other cool stuff. Oh I let them watch me take a nap. That was the best! (Don't worry, noone was left unattended, that's what I have The Husband for.)

Hope you guys had a great weekend too!


Staci said...

You rock! It feels great to have those Best Mommy Moments!

~~Mel~~ said...

Kel, You my friend are supermom...quite're making the rest of us look bad lol. Love ya!