Friday, February 13, 2009


(yes, I make up my own words)
Are you all Valentized up today? I know its a day early but we like to start our parties early.

I have on a red sweater, pale pink nails, and red toes with white hearts on the big toe.

M has on a pink shirt, pink nails with a red jewel on her thumb, red toes with an X on one toe and an O on another. (I typically don't let her wear red just because I'm weird like that but hey its a holiday, lets live it up!)

I did our nails the other night and they came out really cute. All you need is a toothpick to dip in a different color and then draw your design. For my hearts I did dots to form a heart. Fun and cheap at home mani/pedi!


YKDWhat? said...

aw! HOW come I didn't think of this!

I now find myself, sitting in a black sweater with black dress pants on. ( I had a meeting this morning).

I am SO not Valentized! eugh.


Staci said...

Love the mani/pedi ideas.... Maybe Mad will be big enough next year?
We have 2 V-day parties tomorrow, so they will be Valentized then. Mad had The Little Gym this morning so she is wearing her V-day tee and black yoga pants! Happy Heart day!

~~Mel~~ said...

I AM Valentinized (did I spell that right? lol). Red sweater and my Mickey red runners. Riley too has a red sweatshirt on.

jenjen said...

I made myself a valentines necklace last night -- silver chain with pink, black and white glass beads. Then I went upstairs to find something to go with it and remembered that I don't own anything pink or red. So I am wearing purple - it was the best I could do!

Happy V Day!


Kris said...

Picture! Picture!! :)