Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Caylee Marie Anthony

I look at your face and I want to hug you. I see your big brown eyes and I wish I could show you what its like to be a healthy and happy 3yr old. I would put your gorgeous brown hair up in a little ponytail and watch it bounce as you ran through the house. I would never tire of listening to your singing of 'you are my sunshine'. YOU would be my sunshine! I would love you, hold you, rock you and treat you like a princess. Its just so unfair.

This morning I watched the live memorial for Caylee and just seeing her pictures makes my heart hurt sooooo much. I just dont understand how a mother could hurt that precious baby. Dont Understand.


Skyehaven said...

Living as close as I do to the action, here on the Central FL east coast, it has been even more heartbreaking. I can't watch the news, can't listen to the radio even, because in every news break they're talking about some member of that family and my heart breaks. Then it breaks again when my DS7 asks me if I think her mother really did it and I have to try to explain that some people just aren't right in the head.

If there's a heaven, all the ladies who died before having their families have adopted that precious little girl as their own and they can all give each other the love and caring the deserve.

That Girl said...

Oh I can imagine how hard it is to live in the area. I have been quite obsessed with this case. Mainly because I just dont understand how a mother could do that.

Jodi said...

I know, it's just so sad and I can't even begin to imagine or understand. I don't like to watch a lot of things like that because they just stick with me.

Megan said...

Oh hun, we did blog at the same time. :(

Thanks for reading my blog.

R.I.P sweet baby girl. :(

Her "mom" is a cooky mo-fo that's for sure. She's not worthy of Caylee.

~~Mel~~ said...

I just watched the memorial...so sad!!!