Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Easy Heart Cinnamon Rolls

I made these for the girls last weekend before soccer.

Get some of these:


Then roll each end into the middle and make a heart.
Super cute and easy plus the kids love them!


Mama Krit said...

Ok, how funny!!!

I just got back from the store and bought a roll of these. Which, granted is not weird in and of itself except for the fact that I haven't bought cinnamon roles in YEARS. What a great idea, I am trying these tomorrow morning! :) Thanks.

Mrs. D said...

Fun idea! Thanks!

Xazmin said...

What a cute idea - I'm so doing this for my kids on Saturday!

p.s. - your blog is way cute.

That Girl said...

Xazmin, thanks!

Hope all your kiddos enjoy the yummy hearts!

Kris said...

Now THOSE are the kind of cinnamon rolls I can make! Thanks for sharing the great idea!