Friday, February 06, 2009

This morning was horrible!

The worst thing for a mother is leaving her child at daycare crying. HATE that!

This morning we are getting ready upstairs when I hear my cell phone ringing downstairs. I knew it was probably my mom and we would call her back in a bit.....this is happening at 6am BTW. We finish getting ready and I'm talking this flying business up to Madison (remember my mom was flying for the 1st time today)and M says she isn't flying anywhere, she will ride a bus but that's it.(ha!)
OK so we get in the car and Madison talks to my mom. big mistake! They only talked for a second but that was enough to do alot of damage. I asked Madison what she said and my mom told her that she loved her and to tell me she loved me too. I could tell she was a little upset so I'm still playing it up. I turn around and she is doubled over in her carseat crying her eyes out. Like mouth all squished up, lip quivering crying. OMG! So of course that made ME cry. Then I remembered that I am the mom and had to take control of this situation. Back to playing up the trip. She begged to go to work with me, she squeezed me tight, she held my leg, she asked to move her dentist appt from next Wed to today, etc. I told her that I could take her home to daddy and let him take her to school if she wanted a little more time. She said no. I tried to make her laugh a little and she did stop crying but her eyes were red almost down to her cheeks.
I was late getting to work but not by much. My bosses boss is visiting today or I probably would have taken some time off this morning. Stupid job getting in the way! My mom has landed safely and she said it wasn't bad at all. She thinks I would like flying and I am going to try it soon. I was hoping that Madison wouldn't grow up with anxiety like I have but apparently its in her blood because I have went out of my way to let her experience things and not be afraid.
OK, now I am just rambling.
I emailed Madison's teacher to tell her that she may be a little emotional today. I am such a helicopter mom!

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~~Mel~~ said...

Aww poor M. She's a sensitive girl that one...and I bet she misses your mom too.