Thursday, February 26, 2009

What color are your toenails?

ew, toenails, I agree. The things I blog about!

I can't not have my toes painted. I think toenails are ugly and everyone, including men, should paint their toes.

I like to have bright toes so they are never a pale pink or any dull color. I stick to red, hot pink and a silvery purple color. But not today, nope!!

Tonight I am going to paint my toes BLUE! How's that for living on the edge?


Staci said...

My toenails are ALWAYS hot pink.... I like to think of it as my signiture.... Staci ALWAYS has hot pink tootsies! :) Enjoy your blue!

Three Prince Designs said...

My toenails are not painted but I love the blue!!! How fun

Heidi said...

Girl, I hear ya. And I have done the blue. I actually had a student in 4th grade, a boy, give it to me. Loved the polish. Mine, are hot pink right now... next to stark white feet, sexy!

~~Mel~~ said...

I need to be more bold! I tend to stick with chocolate brown...but right now they are naked and it bugs the heck outta me! lol.