Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do NOT try this at home (exercise)

If by some chance you do try it and live to tell about it, don't come back her bragging to me! lol

I saw this on a message board I frequent and thought no problem. Afterall, I did the Shred without any problems and wondered what all the fuss was about.

Remember the Sinus Infection from hell? Ummm I haven't really exercised since then. sigh

So I start the video, hmmm no problem, get to 32 and think I am going to die. I continue on. My chest and throat feels like I am having and asthma attack. Not that I have ever had one but I'm assuming this is what it would feel like. It hurt and burned. I did finish my 100 in 5 minutes but my form at the end was less that desirable. Still a squat is a squat, right? I thought so too.

Baby steps.

ps- you do 100 in 5 minutes. I finished but I'm pretty sure I wont be able to walk tomorrow.


Staci said...

so..... How often and how many? Is it for the flabby butt and thoighs that I have? Inspire me girl. I have been majorly SLAVKING! I need inspiration!!
PS That guy looks sooooo funny! Was M and The Hubs LOL'ing?!? My whole family would be on the floor loling at me! :)
PPS I bet I couldn't even do 25!

That Girl said...

oh yeah, details huh?
I added to the post but you do 100 in 5 mins. I read about it on CBBC.

Lisha said...

holy crap!!

~~Mel~~ said...

So how sore were you? I'm not brave enough to attempt it lol.

That Girl said...

like sore that I felt like I had a limp the next day. BUT I havent exercised in awhile. apparently I thought this would be nothing. ha!