Thursday, May 07, 2009

Aww I think he loves me

I have been extremely busy lately, mainly due to work and a new project. I never realized how much stuff I got done at work, including blogging, until I barely had time to go pee.
I'm not going to go on and on whining about my busy schedule (you know I could, I whine very well!) but I wanted to tell you what a great husband I have.

I decided to do a paint project right before it was time to have THE party. Yeah, I am a smart one. I think I like to torture myself sometimes. Anyway last night I was planning on finishing it and all would be well. Until I ran out of paint.....with just a teeny tiny bit to go. UGH! So I went to run to our local hardware store last night (remember small town) and they closed at 8pm. I tried to go at 8:15. DOUBLE UGH! So today when The Husband got off he was going to run by the hardware store and pick up some paint.....I looked online and it said they carried it. Guess what? They don't. So The Husband called to tell me the bad news that I would have to go by Lowe's and pick it up, since that's where we got the original from. He also took it upon himself to go to the grocery store and got ground beef to grill some hamburgers tonight since I now have to go run this errand after work.
How sweet is he !?!


pam said...

Your hubby does sound great! Doesn't it drive you nuts that you had to run around looking for the paint?

Thanks for stopping by!

Staci said...

:) How sweet!

~~Mel~~ said...

Awww he does love you! He's so sweet. Did he cook dinner also?