Friday, May 22, 2009

Grandfather, Squats, iCarly

First off my grandfather-
My grandfather is hallucinating at night now. He called my mom last night at 10:30 to tell her that his phone was smoking and did she think they (the hospital) were trying to kill him. The nurse told my mom on Monday that at night he pulled out all of his iv's, oxygen etc. When I was there he said he was up all night because they were doing construction next door. I didn't think much of it. He seemed perfectly fine to me. My mom said yesterday he had a glazed look in his eyes and he told her that he has already seen my grandma (his wife) and his mother. That scares me. I probably watch too much TV though....does that happen IRL? I'm thinking Grey's here. Oh and my mom asked what type of meds he was on and they said Benadryl and Tylenol PM for sleep. My mom is on her way to the hospital to talk to the Dr's.

Those torturous Hindu squats-
Did anyone brave them? I can barely walk today and look like I am limping......this is from doing them the one time. Yesterday wasn't bad but maybe walking the neighborhood last night didn't help? No pain, no gain. (I may take some Advil, its that bad!)

Hershey Park-Icarly-
Remember that we are going to Hershey Park next weekend. First time M will go to a real amusement park so she is going to be thrilled. Add to that the fact that iCarly was going to be there. Her FAVORITE girl. This is her Hannah Montana. The Husband talked me into not telling her and letting it be a surprise. Glad I actually listened to him (for once) because she isn't going to be there now!!! We checked back to see what time the concert was and her name wasn't there.....Drake Bell is now in her place. I kinda thought maybe I hallucinated it but The Husband saw it that means I'm not crazy. Drake is from Drake and Josh (another Nick show) and he also has a (a few?) albums out. M watched him prior to iCarly so she does like him. She has one of his CD's and she even thinks hes cute. (sigh) She will still be excited but The Husband and I are a little disappointed since we like iCarly better. lol

How's that for a little bit of everything? :)


Staci said...

that stinks about icarly! :( You guys are going to have a great time!!!!

I have NOT braved the squats yet.... Soon! I have to psych myself up first!

I hope your mom finds out some stuff when she talks with the doctors.... I hope he is home and well soon!!!

Lisha said...

I hope everything works out with your grandfather. It is so hard...

And squats here. My knees can't take it.

And I like the little bit of everything blog :) It keeps us updated quickly :) And, that is BS about Icarly. I would be TICKED if I told my daughter and had to disappoint her. Good thing you didn't. But have a good time anyway. You will LOVE Hershey!!

Schmoochiepoo said...

I have no idea who iCarley is nor do I think I want to. I'm up to my eyeballs in Bakugan and Chaotic.

Hindy squats sound like the hurt, again do not want to know.

I hope your grandfather is feeling better soon. How scary.

Cookie Brochette said...

My grandmother used to have strange hallucinations as she got older. Turned out it was from urinary tract infections. I swear! I had never heard of such a thing.

Cookie B.
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~~Mel~~ said...

Hey chickie, I'm finally starting to feel caught up in blogger land!

I hope you have a blast this weekend...Riley loves Drake and I bet M will have a blast.

Did you ever find out why your grandfather was hallucinating?