Friday, May 29, 2009

Silver Foot, White Foot.....

That's what Madison has on today and I let her.

I remember a looong, looong time ago when she was little (lol) I obsessed over stains getting on her clothes and prohibited her from doing some things so that she didnt ruin her Gymbo. ha! Then I thought about what kind of memories she would have (I always think about this) and didnt want her to be the kid who could never do anything. I was Kate, from Jon and Kate.

Anyway, now I let her do whatever most of the time. At the beginning of the week she decided that this was sports theme week....only in her head, not a real thing at school. So each day she has wore a T-shirt from her many times of playing soccer over the past 2 years.

Last week I bought her flip flops at the big Old Navy sale. One silver and one white pair. She looooves the silver and they have little hearts on them. She has been wearing them after school all week but wearing one of each. I asked why and she said she really likes the silver but she didnt want me to think she doesnt like the white too. Oooook.

She wanted to wear them to school today, one of each. And I let her.


Staci said...

I give you mad props for that!!!! My mother would have had a COW!!! I vow to let my babes wear whatever they want because really Who Cares??? I used to do stuff to get under my mothers skin because she would never let me express my self. I'll NEVER forget her face when I dyed my blonde hair with blue kool-Aid! hehehe I was mean. I'm sure I'm due for some MAJOR pay backs! lol

~~Mel~~ said...

Awww very cute!

I always pick out Riley's clothes through the week (yes still! lol) because I've seen the way he puts his 'outfits' together on the weekends!

Staci said...

your it! :)

Jodi said...

Good for you! you have to pick your battles!