Thursday, May 14, 2009

Games for the kids while traveling

We are on the road quite a bit and it will increase over the summer so I started looking around for some things to do with the kids while traveling.

When we went to the Circus I printed out bingo cards and they were a big hit. Actually I brought a set on the field trip to the zoo too. M and her friends had fun and some of the parents thought it was a brilliant idea. My step-daughter's loved them too.....I was just running to the store one day and asked if anyone wanted to go. The oldest's deciding factor was if I had any bingo cards ready. lol I didn't, so she stayed home.

Saturday we are traveling 2 hours (again!) for The Husband and the oldest step daughter to get fitted to be in my brother-in-law's wedding, in July. So I just printed out some cards for the trip and thought I should pass the link on. The site has tic-tac-toe printables, road trip bingo, scavenger hunt, etc.


~~Mel~~ said...

Thanks so much! You know these will come in handy for us when we go camping this summer and then take the 8 hour drive to visit my mom.

We haven't done weekend plans yet! lol.

Staci said...

How cool!!! I bet they work wonders!!