Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Coaching Kids

is sure to provide some entertainment to this blog.
A little background:
My dd played fall soccer and loved it but her coach was not very good, in our eyes. Winter indoor soccer came and they had no coaches (how sad, huh?) so I volunteered to assistant coach with a lady who couldn't make it to every game. Indoor soccer is all girls and I really enjoyed it. I learned alot from the lady I was helping and got to know alot of people since she was a 'known soccer mom' and on our school board. Then comes outdoor co-ed spring soccer. This was not fun. I signed up to coach because I enjoyed the winter so much, even when coaching alone. I had 15 kids and 10 of them didn't listen. One boy told me he knew where a dead chicken was when I made him sit out for being bad (huh, dead chicken?). This boy got thrown out of the game for fighting, walked off the field all the time and was just my problem child. The Husband actually stepped in and coached on field. He was a lifesaver! Season is over and we say we will never coach again. Oh and remember the coach my dd had the 1st time? Now I understand why she always looked so frazzled. I really understand. The daughter did not want to play fall soccer (traumatized?) and I really missed it. Fast forward to winter indoor soccer for this year and I signed up to coach. I must be crazy. The husband has warned me that he will not be helping me with this season at all. I am hoping that I get an assistant. Tonight is Team Assignment's and I am really nervous. Its all girls again so it should be ok, right? Surely there is no reason to be scared of a bunch of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade girls.
Oh and the moral of the story is....dont ever judge someone (the 1st coach) until you have walked in their shoes.

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