Friday, January 09, 2009

PMS Food and Calorie Counter

which would you like to hear about first?
Of course, the PMS food.

Chex Mix Turtle Bars are soooo good! They have chocolate, caramel and pretzels. Everything you need all in one cute little bar.

And the Calorie Counter because now that you want the Turtle Bar, which by the way is only 140 calories per bar, you may need to keep track of how many calories you ate after the box is gone. Go to the daily plate and you can add your exercise for the day and everything you eat and drink. I tried another calorie counting website before *cough*sparkpeople*cough* and they didnt have any food that I ate in their database. I am far to lazy to enter my own food into their database so I quit using it. I have not had to substitute anything with the new website. Its all in there. So either they have everything or its just a community of people who are weird/picky eaters like me.

Chocolate and Calories, what a post.

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