Thursday, January 08, 2009

I have a personal trainer!

How lucky am I? She is gorgeous, thin and very peppy. I have been counting calories and exercising since the New Year and it's going very well. After reading about the 30 day Shred exercise video on a message board that I post on I decided to give it a try. Someone posted links to it on youtube. I really enjoyed it until my Personal Trainer decided to tell me I was doing the moves the wrong way. It is much easier for a 7 yr old to do bicycle crunches than an adult. She thought the squats could be turned into a new dance. I got hit while extending my arms on the floor. It was fun but I think I may have to fire her.
If you are looking for a good exercise video than I would recommend the 30 day shred. I enjoyed it and my inner thighs burn today. Thats a good thing, I guess.

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