Friday, January 23, 2009

Soccer Talk

I haven't mentioned soccer since I talked of Team Assignments.

Well the initial day Team Assignments didn't happen because they needed one more coach. We had 3 coaches so we split the girls up evenly and practiced different drills. We were told that Team Assignments would be the next Saturday. This was last weekend, we did the same thing of splitting the girls up except now we had 4 coaches. We practiced for an hour and then the Recreation guy came in to give us our team shirts and the list of children on our team. We were also given schedules. SURPRISE! No more practices.

So now I have 8 girls on my team and I don't even know their names or which position they will be best at. I will figure it out along the way but there is only 6 games. lol By the time I get the names down the season will be over.

I asked Madison this morning what position she would like to start out with tomorrow. (This is one of the perks of being the coach's daughter) Her response was Sit Out. She joined soccer to sit out? oh my, this child! She later said she would like to be defense so at least I have one player under control.

I am pretty excited about it though. Oh and our Team Shirts are green. I look good in green so that's a plus.

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~~Mel~~ said...

LOL at M wanting to sit out...glad she finally picked a position.