Thursday, January 22, 2009


Every now and then I get goofy and surprise The Husband with a fake tattoo. I don't have any real tattoo's but Ive often thought about getting one. Our kids get fake tattoo sheets from various parties or wherever. The kids aren't really interested in them and since I am frugal I cant just throw them away, so I started collecting the sheets. Every now and then after I take a shower I will put on a tattoo in a somewhat revealing place. The Husband thinks I'm a weirdo and just laughs at me.

Fast Forward.......

Tuesday night I took a shower late and applied a diamond tattoo on my lower stomach. The Husband just laughed and shook his head. Wednesday when I get home from work I go to the bathroom and as we all know......once you become a mom you cant pee alone. It's just a rule. So M notices the tattoo and asks me when I did that and don't I know they are for kids. Um, yeah, honey I do know they are for kids.

Next week we will be installing a stripper pole in our basement.


~~Mel~~ said...

Lmao I love it!!!!

I applied a few tattoos for our 'Grease themed' xmas party and they lasted awhile...Dan was thoroughly turned on and told me I should get a real one lol.

Jodi said...

There is an award waiting for you on my blog!