Friday, January 16, 2009

I meant snow!

remember when I asked was winter cancelled? Apparently I need to be a little clearer with my request. I meant snow, not frigid air. It's 3 degrees and we are under a wind chill advisory. That's not alot of fun. It doesn't cancel school or work and its not pretty either.

Weather Gods,
Please send S-N-O-W.
your frozen friend

(you know I will complain about the snow if we get alot, lol)


Southerner said...

We actually had tiny little flakes yesterday. Not enought to really see without a pair of binoculars or a microscope or something but the kids got all excited for a minute. They told me it was snowing (ha, ha, ha ha , ha) and I told them I didn't see anything and had to look at the pond to see the tiny little flakes on the ice. Just enought to get us hopeful- only to drop us back to reality that we live in THE LAND OF NO SNOW! Do you think if we send out something to 10 friends and have them send it to 10 friends we can work up a snowstorm?

Anonymous said...

We were at 7 degrees this morning! I gave you an "award" on my blog!