Friday, January 02, 2009


I'm not very good at them. Until the past year I have been able to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. Even after I had my dd, I bounced right back into the same size I was beforehand and I had gained 50lbs during pregnancy. Now? Ha! I got married, got lazy and began to love food. What's not to love about Oreo Cakesters? I honestly did not know how hard it was for people to lose weight. I am going to give it an honest try but there will be much complaining and whining in my blog posts. Just warning you. I like food. I feel deprived if I cant eat whatever I want. I quit smoking almost a year ago and now I have to quit eating too. This being a grown up stuff sucks. blech.
I thought yesterday was going to be day one but then we went to the In-Laws and had oysters and fish......oh and a little pie for dessert. That was too much for me to try and remember to add to my online food list so I skipped it. So that made today Day One. I didnt have anything to bring for lunch today, due to going to the In-Laws for dinner and no leftovers, so I stopped and got a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit. They had a buy one get one deal so I did that, being the frugal girl I am. One for breakfast and one for lunch. Oh and a sweet tea. Uh yeah, thats alot of calories. I would have never guessed that one biscuit was almost 600 EFFIN calories. Oh my! Now I know. So its only lunch time and I am like 400 over my daily calorie intake.
Tomorrow may have to be Day One. *sigh*

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