Friday, January 30, 2009

The superbowl is Sunday!!

I don't watch it but just thought I would remind everyone else. I don't think its been very publicized this year or maybe I just blocked it out? Is there anyone else who does NOT watch it? The Husband may have it on but I block that out too. I did try to watch some football this year. See, I'm a good wife! I do think Romo is cute......oh yeah The Husband likes the Cowboys. Some of those tackles or whatever could kill a person. holy moly! Break a neck or back or leg or something. I even did a college football fantasy thing so that The Husband and I could have something to do together. I rocked at first. I was 1st place for weeks and then it all went downhill and I lost interest. Sometimes I think I have ADD/ADHD (seriously) but I know its just issues from being spoiled as a child. Acceptance is the first step.

Sooooo, yeah, anyone watching the Superbowl? lol

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~~Mel~~ said...

Nope not if I can help it...but I did watch the Greycup which is equivilent to your superbowl lol. I'm a good girlfriend!!!