Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Blizzard of 09

School closed, daycare closed AND my work closed. It was kind of nice to stay home and get paid to do nothing. Oh wait, back to The Blizzard of 09.......

I will upload pics when I get home. I was far too lazy and a little flu-ish yesterday to do it. Plus I want to keep you on edge all day waiting for these magnificent snow pics. You are imagining big mounds of white fluffy stuff, aren't you?

I'm not good at keeping secrets. We got 4 inches. Yes, 4 inches shut down my whole town/city. I think my state is even under a State of Emergency. This is our first significant snow of the season so I guess everyone got anxious? Whatever, I got a day off.


Kris said...

Oh wow! Sounds like fun to me!!!

Carole said...

Days off ROCK! We got 12-16" and a lot of stuff was closed too!

THanks for the Drying vibes. Too FunnY!


Staci said...

We didn't even get what would be considered a dusting... Lots of hype but no game here.... Glad you had an extra at hoome day! :)

~~Mel~~ said...

I missed you yesterday!!!!

Where are the pics???