Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Did you know.....

that Matthew McConaughey was not in Sweet Home Alabama? I did not.
The Husband and I were talking last night before bed about movies and celebrity's. The reason why he came up is because I don't think he's 'hot' like most girls do. Somehow that led to movies he was in and I said something about Sweet Home Alabama. I love this movie, I own it and its one of my all time faves. The Husband laughed and went to get the DVD case to show me that Mr Matthew was not in it. .

Ive been busy today so I am just not getting a chance to look this up (lol) but the 2 guys do look similar. So any of you out there like Matthew? If so do you like Josh Lucas too? In my eyes they are the same person. :)


~~Mel~~ said...

Yes I think Matty is HOT..I'm not sure if I like the other guy (wow I forgot his name already and am too lazy to scroll up lol) because I don't know that I've seen him in much. I don't ever recall seeing Sweet Home Alabama.

Xazmin said...

I never though Matthew was all that hot. Until I saw him shirtless! I know, I know, when is he ever NOT shirtless!

But have you seen Sahara? Seriously - his face is so-so, but then he's got those dimples, and that body! Also, there's just somethin' about him and his mannerisms that is attractive.

On the other hand, someone I don't think is that great that everyone LOVES is Brad Pitt. So beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

I'll take Wentworth Miller thank you. He's not as famous - so if you don't know him...look him up. I think you'll concur.


Tanielle said...

I also thought it was Matthew in that movie! They do look similar for sure. I DO love those dimples of his!

Anonymous said...

I love Josh Lucas, but not so much on the Matthew McConaughey.