Saturday, March 14, 2009


I slept until 10 am. TEN A.M.!!! And I went shopping by myself. I haven't cleaned or cooked alllllll day. We got Chinese food for dinner and have just been chilling out all evening. Its just like my birthday, without getting a year older.
Pure bliss!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Staci said...

Can I just say I HATE you :) Just kidding! Sounds like perfection!

Schmoochiepoo said...


So jealous...... :D

Amber said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, what a day!! We slept in some too today, and it was bliss! And haven't done much of anything. I love days like today. :)

And to your comment the other day {for which I'm totally lagging in my response} I've never tried the WII fit, but it sounds like fun!

You should definitely join in on the little series I'm starting this week. Maybe it will help?? If not, at least it will be fun!

Kris said...

Got to love those un-birthday days! Sounds heavenly!!

~~Mel~~ said...

My day yesterday was so chaotic...but today is much more slack. I made sure to buy lots of snacky food yesterday so I don't have to cook till dinner lol.